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Here at VCM we value originality and bringing fresh ideas to enhance our client’s digital and video marketing initiatives; whether it be a video production to promote a product, a multimedia web application or a spectacular 2D or 3D animation to mesmerize your audience.

We start by finding the message with an emotional pull that will inevitably leave an impression on the end audience. The conceptualization process can be very involved, so we like to guide and educate our clients through creative development. We start by breaking down the provided information accompanied with further research to distill the message into concise sound bites that will present a clear message. Once the story is found and broken down, we get approval from the client before proceeding to the next step of creating detailed storyboards and animatics. The creative process is demanding and we love to work closely with the client in order to meet their ultimate vision.

The storyboards and animatic’s give the client a clear idea of what the final project will look like before production begins. This allows fine tuning of the story development process in pre-produciton before heading into the production phase. A well thought out pre-produciton will result in less complications in production. Once the creative and story has been approved, VCM can begin full production, whether it be a video production, 2D/3D animation, motion graphics or a multimedia web application. Once production has commenced, a rough edit or a test interface of the project is created for client approval. At this stage we work with the client to make sure the edit and/or multimedia interface meets their satisfaction and make changes accordingly. Brand integrity and recognition is very important, so we are sure to incorporate and create as many supporting branding elements that are needed ie. packaging, logo design, logo animation, video intros/show opens, motion graphics, motion titles and menus.

The client is kept in the loop during during all stages of production ensuring that the client’s vision is being met and every small detail is being taken care of. As a result, an environment of trust and understanding is created allowing the client to be involved in the whole process.

We believe in making sure that the client understands what each step of the video production or multimedia development process is and how it works. We operate in this fashion in order to make sure that the vision and message are effectively conveyed, and most importantly the client is satisfied and receives the best quality product on time and within budget.

Our objective is to bring awareness and to create a positive impression in order to successfully convey and promote the message at hand. View our film and video production work HERE
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