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In Mississauga there are a fantastic array of industries and organizations that help keep the GTA a vibrant and prosperous place to work. The one downside of this is that often corporations are competing locally with other similar businesses and struggle to stand out from the crowd. One discipline they often employ to get noticed is to invest in marketing. The business world, and in particular the marketing world, has seen substantial changes in getting their brand noticed and bringing in potential customers. At VCM Interactive we have monitored these changes with interest over the years and adapted our production strategy accordingly. Our current and new clients are always asking us how they can best utilize the videos we create for them to aide their marketing endeavours. We understand that it is hard to grow a local business, even those with national and/or international reach, and that is why we offer a complete service for video marketing in Mississauga. It may be that for some companies that VCM Interactive is not the ideal fit, but this article will set out some of the important reasons why video marketing can offer a huge boast to your business, regardless of whether you use our services or another provider of video marketing in Mississauga.

Video Marketing In Mississauga

If you are an entrepreneur in Mississauga, or the surrounding areas, it is highly likely that you have some kind of an ongoing marketing campaign, or one is in the pipeline. Before you launch your print ads, pay per click ads or online text content, you need to pause and take a look at the impact video is having on local and global business. According to Cisco, 80% of online traffic will be in form of this content by 2019.A report by Invodo says that 93% of marketers are now using this technique for their promotional campaigns. It gets better; according to Forrester Research, 63% of viewers watch three quarters of your content which is a big win for any advertising campaign. Away from the numbers, you will find practical benefits of hiring a company for your video marketing in Mississauga. Here are some of these benefits:

  1. Increased Engagement

If you are having a hard time making a mark in your niche, you need to leverage short videos in your marketing endeavors. For instance,email-opening rate increases by an astonishing 400% when there is a motion video according to a Marketer Survey.

  1. Instant Communication

A video production company can create a project that easily communicates the message to the target audience. This tool has both visual and aural experience and can be used to educate, promote or solve a problem in less than a minute. video production mississauga

  1. Ideal Call to Action

This tool converts better than any other form of content and if you are looking to increase click-through-rates or open rates for your emails ensure there is a video in your content.

  1. Leveraging Analytics

As more consumers embrace this as their main source of information, you can easily leverage analytical tools to gain customer insight and also enhance lead generation for your website.

VCM Interactive Can Help

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of using video marking in Mississauga in order to help your business. There are a great number of great video production companies in the local area that can help advise and help you create cool content. We at VCM Interactive would love to talk to you about your companies needs in order to find out if we can work together with a view to producing powerful video marketing content. Please contact us to find out more. Alternatively please browse through our website to see the array of projects we have worked on and read some more helpful blog posts.