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Are you looking to create a Toronto commercial video production? If so, you are going to enjoy the benefits that come with professional video marketing. With so many companies setting up shop in the city, competition is fiercer than ever and this is why you need an innovative way to reach your target audience here and beyond. Visual content is more effective in a vibrant market such as this one and the main decision you must make is whether to shoot in a studio or on-location.

Toronto Commercial Video Production Studio Shoot

Effectiveness of Video Production in Toronto

According to a survey by Think With Google, over 50% of internet users search for ads related to products and services before visiting a store. A similar survey shows including visuals on your landing page increases conversion by over 80%.

A large percentage of marketers today believe that video is the best promotional tool in terms of ROI. Whatever your objectives, this form of marketing boosts conversion rates, increases traffic to your website, enhances brand visibility and increases customer engagement.

Shooting Video Production in Toronto

Now that you appreciate the impact that video production in Toronto can have on your business, you can now go on and find a highly dependable production company. More importantly, you should decide whether you want to shoot at a studio or on-location. This decision should be based on the overall objective you have in mind.

By working with a highly reputable production team, it becomes easier to make this decision. This is because they offer insight and objectivity that you might not find anywhere else. VCM Interactive has distinguished itself as the go-to video production company in Toronto. With over 30 years’ experience and a powerful team, these experts are able to deliver total satisfaction to their clients.

Filming a Toronto commercial video production on-location has its own advantages including affordability and more effectiveness in bringing a sense of authenticity to your promotional materials. However, you will not have control of the environment and privacy and security concerns can be an issue in some areas. For a project that takes several days, you will have to find storage for your gear, which might add to the cost.

On the other hand, a studio shoot allows you to be in control of the environment, making the task much easier. It is also easier to shoot special effects and sound recording is much better. The team has ready access to state-of-the -art equipment, which goes a long way in boosting the quality of the final product. You will also not have to worry about privacy and security during the shoot. The downside is that creating a realistic environment can be challenging and costly.

To make the ultimate decision on where to shoot from, you should consider the type of message you want to convey. You should consider the time available and whether it is easy to find the type of environment in the story line.

With the right team working for you, it is much easier to make this choice. Contact VCM Interactive today for a free quote or consultation meeting. For more information refer to our website and see the services as well as resources we have to offer.