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Nowadays the first step to take any decision is searching some information or recommendation on Google or another web search engine, hence while Google searching people type in the keywords they think are closely related to what they want to find, but if you get to see what people write when they are looking for promotional videos or marketing videos the search terms are usually wrong.

One of the mains reasons behind this is that a lot of people tend to confuse both, while they may seem alike they are very different and each has they own pros and cons.We also have to take into consideration that there isn’t a definitive type of video that serves-for-all and these two types of videos may seem like the most popular alternatives out there; but when you are looking for an influential campaign featuring digital content specifically directed to your everyday target you have to know the advantages each of these videos provides to you.


Marketing Videos and His Traits

Marketing is loosely defined as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”. This definition is very important when you want to review this kind of content. The most common application is any video which is used to communicate and enhance the projected value of a product or service whether you are targeting potential customers, new clients or even investors with the sole intention of selling that product or service, or attracting investment. Think of Kickstarter videos as the truest form of this.

This type of content is mostly focused on trying to increase the likelihood of the sale or investment to something with a bigger chance of happening. You will want to use this as the focus of sales matrix, campaigns and even as the center of your whole propagandistic development.


The Pros and Cons of Promotional Video

While the focus of the previous one was to increase the likelihood of a sale or investment. This type is a most commercial one used for mass communication targeted to different kinds of digital media, mostly focused on the online type. With an internet connection, everything is easier these days, and that’s where the promotional video focus itsattention, you want your target filtered according to some specific parameters (age, gender, location, etc.) so your product could pop right when you want it to.

YouTube, Instagram, and even Twitter are some of the social platforms where this content is featured, and the potential client is reminded after a number of videos or publications about your product. As a Company, you can use this to explain all the features and benefits while exerting some influence early and/or late in the purchase decision-making process ensuring that way a greater sales margin.

While knowing some of the differences between the two types of contents can make you feel like an expert, is good to also get some professional help and consulting to find the best kind for you and for the type of product you want to present to your audience. Professionals with years of experience are always ready to lend a helping hand to you!

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