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Video production Toronto is a powerful way to promote any marketing initiative whether it’s promoting a brand, service or product. But it can be an overwhelming task to find the right video production partner that will meet your vision, requirements and budget. More importantly, the right video production company Toronto should understand your marketing, sales and/or communication needs and experience doing such work. A good place to start is reviewing samples of work and to make sure that they’ve done similar projects to what you’re planning to execute. Once you’ve weeded down your favourite video production companies you should create creative brief detailing the objectives, goals, messaging, target audience, tone, deliverables, timeline and budget. This is very important so you are effectively communicating your projects objectives to the video production companies.

A great example of a promotional video production Toronto is the video Visual Communications & Marketing (VCM) produced to promote a beautiful and elite area, called Bloor, Yorkville in Toronto, Canada. Yorkville is an area where you can shop and eat in style by enjoying high-end restaurants and stores while occasionally spotting the rich and famous in the 4th largest city in North America. It’s a great area to Shop, Dine, Live and that was the tagline and concept VCM used to promote the area for the Business Improvement Area (BIA) objective. The short promotional video was a pilot project for other BIA’s in the Toronto area in order to to showcase the area and what it has to offer in 45-seconds. VCM went in with a strategy to cover the key spots in the Bloor, Yorkville area within a half-day shoot and to keep the editing simple to keep the project cost effective. Keeping the budget down was crucial to make video appealing to other BIA’s so that they can promote their areas through the power of video. While filming, some local business were very interested in the idea and wanted to create short promo videos for their stores, which was a great to see. VCM captured the Yorkville area by allowing it’s character to speak for itself. We used cinematic camera techniques to tell a fluid visually engaging video. Some motion graphics were used in the video to brand it well, which is very important when producing good video. Promotional videos should always be well branded and packaged so it reiterates a brand and what it stands for. Overall, everyone was happy with the finished product. While filming You can view the Yorkville promotional video production Toronto below.

There’s no doubt that video is becoming the key to marketing strategies especially in the digital age where video is loved and content is KING. Great video starts with a well thought out creative brief as well as the right video production partner to execute your vision. Be sure to research and meet with different video production companies in Toronto to find the best fit for you and your budgets. You will find different production companies will provide different budgets so be sure you are comparing Apple to Apple. If you have an upcoming video project consider contacting Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. today. Contact us today to find out more.