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Corporate Video Project

Using a video in an email increases the click through rate by 200 – 300%. Over 70% of B2B organizations that use audiovisual content marketing have reported positive returns on their investments. Close to 60% of executives prefer to watch films rather than have to read text.

If these numbers don’t convince you to invest in corporate film production, prepare to be left behind. If you’ve decided to use film for your business, then you have an important decision to make. Which type of film should you use?

Types of videos offered by Toronto corporate video production companies

Many of our clients didn’t realize that there were so many different types of videos before they approached us for corporate video production Toronto services. For this reason, we always take the time to educate them on the different types of productions and how they can benefit their businesses. Essentially videos can be used to create Attraction, Conversion into a lead or sale or to Educate.

If you’re thinking of investing in Toronto corporate video production for your business, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of videos and what they are used for.

  1. Branding films

These are designed to build brand familiarity with the target audience. They help to establish an emotional connection between the brand and the target audience. Think of Nike commercials. They are captivating and often don’t include a call to action. They however invoke feelings and emotions that will make a buyer think of that brand when they are in the environment to make a purchase. These audiovisual contents are designed to influence purchase behavior.

  1. Events

These are created with the purpose of showing specific events. They may capture the entire event or just the company’s participation in the event e.g. trade shows. These films may also be used to increase engagement or get ideas across easily in an entertaining way.

  1. Company overview

They help companies promote themselves. They are often designed to convey a specific type of message. They may feature a single department or the entire company. They help target audiences form an emotional connection with the company.

Variations of this type of production are used internally. These include board room reports, annual sales meetings, annual reports, achievements, corporate reviews etc.

  1. Promotional

As the name suggests, these productions are designed to promote products, services, or actions. They include a clear call to action. The audience is presented with a reason to take action and what action they are expected to take. These films may be used as ads on TV, social media, before films are aired in cinemas, website landing pages, on relevant websites, or even on screens in stores.

  1. Educational or training

These are powerful tools for educating employees and other interested parties. They are an effective way to ensure the target audience retains as much information as possible. These audiovisual contents can be used to train new employees, train staff on new policies or procedures, or even train customers on the proper use of services or products offered by the company.

  1. Testimonials

These are short productions that include customers giving their reviews of a product or service the company offers. They are very powerful in promoting a company. They build confidence in potential customers.

  1. Audiovisual content sales letters

These are increasing in popularity. They often include text on a contrasting background. Only a few effective sentences are used to reinforce what the narrator is saying. They are often used on social media platforms.

What type of audiovisual production is ideal for you?

Still confused about which Toronto video production would be ideal for your business? If you’re in Toronto, get in touch with us. Visual Communications & Marketing (VCM) will help you achieve your goal through high quality videos that work.