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If your brand were a person, what would they look like?Personifying your Brand with Video

It’s easy for people to attribute human traits to the brands they experience. All it takes is the right stimuli. Whether it’s Geico’s memorable Gecko or Apple’s obvious flair for design, consumers know how to make the connection. If you want to make connecting to your target audience easy, you’ll need to effectively execute the personification of your brand with applicable videos, motion graphics, and animation.

Personification can either speak directly for your brand in terms of what it represents (like Apple), or it can create a separate element that is easily recognizable by consumers (Geico’s Gecko). Some companies have personified their brands to do both—like Fido for instance. Their use of dogs to personify their brand is something that people remember. Dogs are usually revered as loyal. Fido wants you to feel like they will be loyal to you with the expectation that you will be loyal to them. See how it works?

So how do you personify your brand using video? Your company should already have a direction in terms of what it should be perceived as. The next step is to actualize this perception with the right stimuli.

Of course, the most obvious answer is to use someone to represent your company via video. Someone who will make reoccurring appearances to establish a rapport with your audience. Their image and personality should gel with your brand as you use them to sell your product\service. Here’s a freebie: try pairing up your personality with consistent and relevant how-to videos. Now your brand reminds your consumer of a friend that knows a lot about a particular topic—that’s a pretty good thing to be known for.

Infusing custom motion graphics and animation into your videos will definitely help with brand personification through video. Motion graphics lets you showcase your brand’s style and personality without needing an actual figure.  Animation allows you to create characters with customized traits that will represent your brand to the fullest. Infographics are also becoming a trend and the new face of video marketing.  Use customized animation and motion graphics to create powerful, persuasive and informative videos to support and enhance your brand.

As you can see, there are many ways to pull off brand personification. You’ll have to find an approach that is suitable for you. A poorly executed video production will give your brand no personality at all, and reflect negatively on your brand. Call VCM today to handle your video production, motion graphics, infographics and animation needs.  VCM is a Toronto video production company; specializing in corporate, broadcast, and digital media tools to enhance our client’s marketing, sales and communications tools. VCM – Building Content, Producing Results.