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The social media world has come a long way from online chat rooms and message boards. Surely you’ve noticed the recent wave of video integration into social media applications. Now it’s easier than ever to upload, watch, and share content online. Usually, YouTube is the place to go, but online video is definitely finding its way into new territory. Social applications like Keek and Vine are based on user-based video content and work extremely well with mobile devices. Most recently, the widely popular Instagram app has followed suit by adding a video feature to their service. Call it a sign of the times, if you will, but as a premier videography service in Toronto, VCM is hip to what’s going on.

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You Need To Keep Up

Social media video integration is a trend going on that you’ll need to adapt to if you haven’t already.  There is a lot to learn from what is going on in the social media realm if you plan on sustaining your online presence. Having videos is just the first step.

Your Videos Need the Right Medium

You’ll need to find a way to manage your content. The information you want to provide about your brand or service needs to be easily digestible. Viewers don’t want to sift through a 10-minute video to find the information they need.  Vine allows users no more than 6 seconds per video! This is for a multitude of reasons, of course, but the one you need to consider is that the attention span of viewers is getting even smaller. Splitting your content into smaller segments will help, and it can also prolong the life of a marketing campaign. MTV is doing a great job using Vine to enhance their social media presence. They’ve even gone as far as incorporating popular vine member Nicholas Megalis into their campaign. Now really think about this: he has over 2 million followers and anything he puts out lasts for duration of 6 seconds. 10 different videos (which could potentially be looked at as 10 different “messages” or “ads”) would only be a minute of someone’s time. Honda even did a great campaign with Vine. The bottom line is this medium can be extremely powerful.

This isn’t to say you can’t use YouTube still – 6 seconds is obviously a very small amount of time. It just means you need to think about what is going where. To be effective in this new realm of video integration in social media, creativity will be key.

Your Audience is Literally Watching You

It’s important to understand that your online brand\image is no longer static. Your logo or company mantra is not enough to represent who you really are in an age where people can literally see you without having to physically be there. You’ve got to treat your videos as if they are moments that people will experience in real time…because they are.

Also, if you’re going to participate in social media marketing…make sure you are social! It isn’t enough to just post videos on your Facebook or Vimeo page. Generate a discussion about your content and encourage viewers to leave comments. Be prompt in replying to them and be known as a brand that can carry a conversation. Your viewers and potential clients need to be engaged. They will find stimulation elsewhere if you can’t provide it.

Another Avenue for Advertising

Word of mouth on social media is powerful, so make sure your content is interesting enough to share. When it comes to online video, substance doesn’t always win. Think about it like this: it’s your company’s overview video versus a dogfight or some other crazy video of the sort. How will you stand out?

This new trend is more than just a sign of the times. It’s a sign that it’s time to adjust. Be open to the idea that the conventions of corporate video production are changing.

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