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Non-profit organisations have every bit as much of a need for powerful video as commercial groups wishing to use video. The understandable difference is budget, but is it possible for non-profits to make video just as good as that of big budget commercial video productions?

At VCM we have been approached by numerous non-profit groups asking us if it was possible to make them a video despite their small budgets. We understand how difficult it is for these groups as they want to have maximum reach and impact but are often held back due to budget constraints. The way we work out if we can help these groups, often charities, is by holding a Discovery Meeting with them to find out what they want from their video and what their budget is. It’s at this stage we assess whether their monetary constraints deeply hamper their objectives. Often we then need to inform the client what can be reasonably achieved with the money they do have. In some cases the group will often understand the situation and wish to proceed, or they may wish to pursue other avenues in the hope that they can achieve their objectives another way.

At VCM we strive to help non-profit groups and often make zero profit from these productions. We find ways of cutting corners and doing improvised, or guerrilla, filming so as to get the project off the ground. Some ways we can reduce costs include:

  • Using only onscreen contributors who are volunteering and thus we don’t have to pay them
  • Having someone from the group doing any voice over required
  • Having filming locations that are close together and close to our company offices so as to reduce travel and accommodation costs
  • People from the non-profit group often provide tea, coffee and food so as to not incur expenses
  • Using older filming equipment
  • Using a reduced crew
  • Using less experienced videographers and editors so as to reduce wage costs
  • Relying on the non-profit group to do as much of the organizations and leg work so as to reduce management costs
  • Having only one round of revisions during the edit instead of two
  • Providing as many digital assets to use in the video as possible

One such instance where we helped a non-profit group was a short while back when we were approached by Deborah McCracken (President and CEO) from The Olive Branch for Children. They wanted to make a video that explained who the charity are what they do so as to raise awareness about their work. They would use the video in a number of ways from fund raising, to hosting it on their website and using it in email campaigns.

Below is the final video that VCM made for The Olive Branch for Children. We are immensely proud of this video both in terms of the outstanding purpose it serves and the quality of the finished product.

If you are a non-profit group looking to make a video but are worried about your budget constraints please email or call us to see if we can help. Even if we cannot help we will gladly advise you in the best and most impartial way we can.