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Why Motion graphics is so expensive?

More and more businesses are choosing Motion Graphics for promoting their products. But this visual communication tool is expensive and production costs are often high. We frequently hear people talking and even complaining about the costs of producing even a short 1 minute RT video. In some cases, this style may not even be the most appropriate for you. Aware of the concern, we want to point out some of the reasons for these costs to give a wider idea as to why that is.

So why are motion graphics so expensive?

We’ve come a long way from what motion animation used to be decades ago. Today’s tools and software help in producing attractive graphics and incredibly realistic rendering, where animation surpasses reality itself. However, the first myth to be broken is that it is not just a computer doing the entire job. The person who is working on the graphics also needs to be creative and it takes lots of efforts to produce an excellent masterpiece. The truth is that software technologies have not advanced far enough to identify the difference between an object and a background, software cannot add shadows to something automatically and it can’t differentiate between a shape and an object. All this work is mainly done by hand. Trimming out objects to animate them later, processing the graphics or even generate them from zero, whether its 3D or 2D, it all takes time and time is definitely money.

Although an important part of the price is indeed related to computers. Licenses for animation software are very pricey and top of the line computers are needed to process all the data and run programs properly; not to mention the high Hydro costs of keeping the computers active during the long rendering hours!

But it is the process itself that makes it expensive. There is a complex production and editing process, involving conceptualization, script writing, design, music, animation and many other stages throughout the process. This is a real work of art. Long hours of hard work are needed, so a team of experienced animators is behind all the magic and their creative touch and expertise has a cost as well. After all, the quality of the message and the name of the brand promoted are at play, so no cheap quality products can ever be delivered to the client.

Motion graphics are expensive, yet widely preferable

The public is constantly exposed to thousands of ads and video contents every day; the internet, social networks, TV, chat services… advertising is everywhere, so it has become more difficult to leave a lasting impression on the audience. That’s the first reason why many are seeking after this audiovisual communication tool since animated graphics can adapt to any content of any sector to provide a fresh message that is striking, captivating and memorable to the viewer.

Animations can make a video more stimulating to the eye than a traditional one; they work much better at attracting the attention of the viewers than static pictures or graphics. This is especially true for the kids now. Combining different animated elements, you have the possibility to create amazing effects, create breathtaking scenery and present unique characters, all in one shot. At VCM Toronto we have a vast experience in motion graphics. Have a look at some.

In some cases, you could even spend less money than you would for producing a traditional video, as animated videos can be shot with a few characters and using the same background, while a traditional production requires numerous actors, crew and special equipment, which adds up to the total cost.

So now you know that this powerful animated tool is somewhat expensive because of all of the human work behind the computer videos. But if you have some money to invest for your production, this could be a great opportunity to take your brand to a different level.

Are you unsure whether motion graphics & animation services will work for you or not? Contact VCM Interactive, we will be happy to guide you through what will work best for your business!