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Why explainer videos?

We all see thousands of ads every day, and so does your client. So you need to get their attention specifically on your brand. This is why many firms choose to use explainer videos with motion graphics to present their products. But we understand that this can be an expensive tool and in some cases, it may not be exactly what you need. Therefore, we want to give an idea of the use of animations for explaining contents in an ad.

Motion Graphics in Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short productions that businesses use to briefly introduce themselves, explain what they do, and how they solve their customer’s needs. It’s a quick, memorable way to make an impact on the audience and provide the important information they need to make a decision. They are a great mean for communicating complex information in an engaging way. They combine visual indications and hearing stimulation in order to influence the human visual communication system to maximize the viewer’s comprehension and draw attention to the content being presented.

Motion graphics are very useful to achieve that because they combine engaging images and sounds to create attractive content. Furthermore, with all the innovation in terms of animation and rendering, the possibilities to impress and get the information across are practically limitless. This visual communication tool is playing the main role by effectively telling potential customers about a product or service in less than two minutes. It has become the latest and greatest online marketing tool.

Animated explainer videos help your brand

There are many benefits of using motion graphics in corporate videos and here we want to mention five important advantages that make them useful for your business.

They are the most engaging online content: An animated explainer video combines visual, emotional and quickly engaging content. This ad delivers complex ideas in a simple way, create appealing visual metaphors by combining those ideas and, also induce experiences on an emotional level. They can be easily shared because of its explanatory and effective content.

Performance of video content is measurable: Measuring your ad’s social media performance is easier and more detailed than with any other online content. Several social networks and software provide very accurate statistics than can keep you well informed and aware you’re on the right track.

Animated ads could become viral since they explain product or services in an attractive and even funny way. So, if they’re good enough, they could be massively shared and ultimately boost their marketing benefits for your business.

Video content through social media is quickly moving towards mobile devices and explainer ads using motion graphics are ideal for mobile marketing purposes. Taking into account that most of the mobile online traffic is actually videos, they offer great business opportunities.

Also they can be useful for any of your marketing campaigns. An animated audiovisual is not only a social media tool, but it can be as effective on your website’s, shared through e-mail marketing and applied to your business presentations. With a single investment in a production, you can boost every one of your marketing campaigns.

Making an investment in an explainer video using motion graphics can be a great way to position your brand. With engaging content, it will be a lot easier to get to your audience. Thus, this audiovisual tool may be what your business in the Toronto area is looking for.

Not sure whether Motion graphics will work for your business or not? Get in touch with VCM Interactive and see how we can help you with our video production services.