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Information has become the coin of the realm for most industries. Whether you’re talking about quarterly reports or your company’s latest commercial, that information is being stored on electronic media for easier access, better security and other reasons. The problem here comes from the fact that replicating/duplicating that media can be time consuming. You’ll find benefits working with a company that offers CD duplication in Toronto, as well as DVD duplication for Toronto clients.

What Is Media Duplication/Replication?

Media is more than the way in which your information is recorded – a DVD, for instance. Media replication/duplication is really just creating an identical copy of your existing media for mass distribution or for safeguarding. You might need only a few copies, or you might need hundreds or thousands. Whether you’re talking about Blu-ray replication, CD replication or DVD replication in Toronto, media duplication/replication ensures that you have identical copies, that each copy is usable, and that there is no quality degradation between copies. Duplication is for small runs and quick turnaround time, whereas Replication is for large quantities over 1000 units.  Replication requires a glass master to be created for mass replication.

Working with the right duplication/replication company is essential here. How do you choose a partner, though?

The Range of Services

There are a couple of important considerations here, but one of the primary ones is the company’s range of services. Look for a media replication/duplication firm with quick turnaround times that offers the following:

  • – DVD duplication in Toronto
  • – CD duplication for Toronto area clients
  • – Blu-ray duplication in the Toronto area
  • – USB duplication for GTA-based clients
  • – CD, DVD and Blu-ray Mastering in Toronto

You should also ensure that the company you choose utilizes the highest quality replication technology combined with the most experienced engineers in Toronto and the surrounding area. You’ll find exactly that when you work with VCM Interactive. Not only that, but we can also provide quick turnaround, often in just 24 hours, so your rush project isn’t as problematic as you feared.
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