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Your corporate video should be as long as you need to get your point across. If you get there sooner, that’s better. You don’t want to give viewers any reason to click off to another video or site. Corporate video production in Toronto can key into these factors.

The length of your video will be determined by the purpose and type of video and your relationship with your audience. You shouldn’t blindly follow industry averages. For example, 110 seconds isn’t right for every corporate video, and 90 seconds isn’t wrong.

If you focus on your audience, you’ll note that clients and prospects look for different types of information. They will, without thinking, focus on your company, what it does, and why they should choose you instead of a competitor. Quality is everything, and this means that you should carefully choose a video production company in Toronto.

Trends show that the average corporate attention span is shrinking. This trend accelerates when people multitask, and as more information competes for their attention. –

Front-loading your content is important. A video can be thought of as a press release on “film”. Many people won’t watch your whole video, so production companies in Toronto will include the most important things near the beginning. It all starts with strategy and a well-written, concise script.

Statistics show that there is a steady acceleration of mobile viewing of videos. The more people there are watching on mobile devices, the shorter your video will need to be, to reach and hold these users.

Films that are very short are gaining prominence today. There is current growth in this video format, and it will affect all business videos, to some degree. Some of the shortest video platforms include Vine (6 seconds), Tout (15 seconds), Instagram (15 seconds) and Mixbit (16 seconds). Shorter videos are expected to increase even more in popularity, and influence the behavior of viewers.

100 million people watch online video worldwide, every day, and using effective videos results in more traffic to your web page.

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