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KKP Mailing Video ProductionWe had the pleasure of partnering with Kwik Kopy Printing (KKP Canada) to produce a series of commercials to support KKP’s digital marketing campaign. The comical videos promote KKP’s digital and print services with a creative flare. VCM created the videos from concept to completion. The corporate video production was shot in studio on green screen in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Green screen was chosen to give us flexibility with time, locations as well as post production.

VCM won over the KKP Marketing Committee with their concept and pitch for 3 digital videos in a campaign to be featured on the web and social media. KKP loved the idea, so much that they are going to build an entire campaign around the theme using mailers, in-store TV screens, e-newsletters, blogs, web banners etc.

After presenting the pitch to the KKP Marketing Committee, Anita Wells, KKP Canada’s Advertising and Marketing Manager noted, “Even though our plans for 2014 included 3 new videos, the owners started the meeting with no – we won’t be doing any more videos. I asked them to please provide the due courtesy to hear your pitch… and they absolutely loved it!”

The digital video commercials showcase a variety of KKP’s professional services from digital marketing solutions, signage, custom and unique graphic design, and print services. Why go through the trouble of doing it yourself when you have a solution like KKP at your fingertips? “No, you can’t! But YES KKP CAN!”

You can view the corporate video productions below:

Dealing with a Mass Mailing Nightmare?

Dealing with Domestic Design Disasters?

Dealing with Stock Design Syndrome?

About VCM Interactive: VCM Interactive is a Toronto based boutique production company specializing in video production solutions, animation, motion graphics, multimedia development, post production, media duplication/replication and packaging services for corporate, broadcast and digital media. Founded in 2007, VCM has created professional and engaging digital content for their client’s marketing, sales, training and communications needs. VCM works with the Fortune 1000, small to medium business, government, medical and financial industries.

KKP Production Stills

KKP Mass Mailing Production Still

On Set

On Set

KKP Stock Design Cast + VCM Director + Producer

KKP Stock Design Cast + Director

Kwik Kopy Printing Design Dad Cast, VCM Producer & Director

KKP Design Dad Cast + VCM Producer & Director

KKP Production still - on set