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VCM interactive understands that creating a corporate video is a complex and organic process, which needs focus and a strategy to excel.  The best place to start is a Creative Brief. It allows you to clearly map out your goals, objectives, timelines and budget parameters in one document, so you can effectively communicate your idea to a corporate video production company. Here are the key ingredients to a Creative Brief:


(ie. project info, goals, measurable objectives)


(ie. goals, measurable objectives and outcomes)

Advertising & Branding Guidelines:

(ie. branding guidelines, logos, placement of logos etc.)

Deliverables Required:

(ie. video format(s) needed– resolution, codec, frame rate etc.)

Target/Primary Audiences:

(target demographic/gender, stakeholders, INT or EXT use)

Tone & Image:

(ie. style – formal, informal, warm, hilarious, direct or functional)


(Features, Benefits and Values – The single most important message you want the target market to take from the video – USP.)

Budget & Schedule:

(budget parameters, expected timelines, milestone dates, hard deadlines)


(competitor references, what is the competition doing?)

Visual References:

(visual references ie. images, videos etc.)


(Where do you see the company in 5-years? What do you hope this video will accomplish? etc.)

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