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Employees often have new information that needs to be passed on to them in the form of training. Having a video may get the point across more clearly than listening to someone talk for a half-hour. 1.8 Billion Words is the value of one minue of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, Here are eight ways you can convince your boss that it’s wise to invest in training video production in Toronto.

  1. It’s easier to show people something than it is to tell them, and they are more likely to remember it. Video utilizes both visual and audio elements accommodating different learning styles.
  2. Video delivers the precise message you want delivered, each time it is shown. Training videos give all employees the exact same information.
  3. Video is powerful, persuasive, and holds employees’ attention longer than listening to a speaker.
  4. You are in complete control. You decide what training techniques to show your employees, and how to show them. Video can be updated to accommodate new training techniques.
  5. Video saves time for your employees, according to Media Training Info. It’s much easier to send an email to various company locations than it is for a person to travel to all of your offices. It can even be streamed on the web, after it is finished by a video production company in Toronto.
  6. Video is there even when you are not. Training videos for new equipment, for example, can be sent to all of your locations, anywhere. A video carries your exact message to your employees.
  7. Video shows training in action and visualizes different training and safety procedures. People in your video are doing just what they should be doing. It is easier for people to watch action than it is to hear training information.
  8. Video creates a lasting image. It tells whatever story you need it to, even if that is just to train people on the proper way to use equipment or safety devices.

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