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Hiring a video production company Toronto should be a priority for any business to survive and stick out from their competition. The city boasts a population of over 2.73 million and over a million tourists come here every year. This makes it among the top investment destinations in North America with many Fortune 500 companies setting up shop in Toronto.

The cities strong economy has attracted all types of entrepreneurs and competition is very stiff. This is the reason you need to consider an innovative video marketing strategy.

Why Go For a Professional Toronto Video Production Company?Professional Video production company services

While it is easier to make a video today, the idea of internal production always ends up being more of a challenge than expected for
many reasons. As you plan to integrate visuals into your marketing campaign, it is crucial to appreciate the power this technique brings to your company thus the importance of working with an expert. Video is a creative and technical medium that needs expertise in the field in order to make the most out of your video project.

A recent HubSpot study shows that over 90% of all web traffic in 2019 will be visual and this makes it crucial to start taking advantage of this technique. The same study shows that the top 5 videos for any targeted keyword on search engine result pages (SERPs) retain over 77% of viewers to the end. Simply put, you are able to achieve your objectives with a good project and hence the need to invite in a video professional in your marketing campaign.

If you have been thinking of using an internal production resource for your visual content, it is time to rethink your strategy because you may be wasting your time and money. Below are some of the reasons to go for a professional Toronto video production company:

  1. Professional touch: While owning a camera is easy today, this does not mean everyone is a professional cameraman. If you are looking to leverage the myriad benefits of video marketing, you need to find a video production company Toronto that understands all the technicalities involved in production. Their experience will streamline the production process and will add value to your video project by getting it done on time and within budget.
  2. The story development: It takes more than a combination of shots to make business video. There is the scripting involved and planning. If you don’t have these skills in your staff and if you decide to go ahead, the results will be below par. A clear, concise message is key and how to communicate it through engaging visuals is what video is all about. You have seen many shoddy productions by companies posted on YouTube and these can even ruin a brand’s reputation. VCM Interactive brings 30 years’ experience and the most talented team to your project.
  3. Right equipment for the job: Your smartphone might have a very good camera, but in most cases it is not the right equipment to shoot content for marketing purposes. Having an experienced eye behind the lens is important and you need the essential equipment for quality visuals. This includes the camera, rig, lenses and an editing suite that will bring everything together for the best effect.
  4. More value for money: As an entrepreneur, you need to always consider the ROI of every marketing project you undertake. Working with the experts might sound expensive, but it will in fact save you time and money. The impact your video content will have in your marketing campaign will result in long term benefits that will increase the bottom line of your business.

Contact us at VCM if you would like to learn more about how video can benefit your sales, marketing and communications. We are a strategic, forward thinking team with over 30 years’ experience creating video content for small, medium and fortune 500 companies. We have solutions to meet your needs and budget. Our focus is not only to produce great video content but also to show you how to get greater return on investment (ROI) with the power of video.