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Technology has brought us into a new realm where businesses are constantly looking for new and better marketing options that work effectively by reaching their target audience. With the need for communication to be clear, concise, and easily accessible, technological advancements have created a revolution in the way businesses carry out marketing strategies and express their ideas. As a result, high-speed internet and smart phone applications have indeed changed the way businesses market their product and/or services.

Social media sites have had a tremendous influence on contemporary marketing strategies; however, there are limitations to how much you can market your business through tweets and status updates. As a matter of fact, these social media platforms have turned to video content in a big way as they recognize the potential of interactive media. As the signs clearly indicate, interactive media content through the smart phone platform is the future of marketing providing for a live experience for the end user and greater persuasion power for businesses.

One of the tools that have contributed to marketing strategies is interactive video. Interactive video and its associated applications have opened the floodgate of opportunities for the development of a wide array of applications in business marketing, education, and entertainment.

An interactive video is an umbrella term for any kind of video technology that facilitates the end user to have some level of participation. For instance, the video may provide the user some choices through which he/she can alter the outcome of the displayed content. It could also employ the technology wherein touching certain areas of the display while the video is being played would activate links that would take the user to another online location where additional content would be displayed.

From the marketing perspective, video is the most powerful medium of expression and persuasion. With dropping attention spans, a video is the most reliable tool to hold the attention of your potential customer. Various businesses seek the services of a professional corporate video production  house to give their marketing campaign that definitive marketing edge.

Today, 3 out of every 10 people have access to a smart phone.  The smart phone has evolved into a personal hub for entertainment, information, and to carry out everyday tasks such as shopping and paying bills. With hundreds of interactive apps being launched every day, the focus of the latest marketing strategy of any marketing company is to provide a viable platform for a business through the possibilities of smart phone technology. Providers of commercial video production services  that generates content for smart phone users have been doing fantastic business in the past couple of years catering to businesses, non-profit organizations, health care initiatives, and educational institutes

You can easily find several providers of interactive video production in Toronto that specialize in the creation of digital content that is cost effective and can be used to promote your business through various platforms. Interactive video content can be a valuable tool to market the products and services of your company or showcase your artistic work.

Obviously, the highest demand for interactive video content generated by commercial video production Toronto is from the smart phone users. As per a recent survey, two thirds of the people who owned smart phones prefer to watch video on their mobile device. It could be a regular smart phone or a tablet device. The survey goes on to project the estimated growth of smart phone users to 1 billion by 2016 which will result in video consumption by the smart phone population to cross 700 billion minutes by 2016. That was not a typo, we actually meant billion.

Interactive video is an effective and attractive marketing option for any type of business in today’s market from small to large enterprise.