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Ever since motion pictures came into existence, video has been used as an effective way to reach and influence the masses as a form of advertising. The last few years have seen a considerable increase in the use of videos as an essential component of marketing that can streamline operations and quickly promote a brand. Almost all types of companies are using video as a mandatory component of their online marketing strategies. Since most website visitors don’t have much time to read a full article or content about a product, promotion through online video has become a necessity for any successful online marketing campaign. Therefore it becomes essential that you choose a professional videography service provider that can create a well-crafted video, which allows your brand or message to stand out and be clearly understood.

For every type of target audience, video has a number of benefits as a communication medium. One of the most important is that it can convey information personally to the users. People respond to people, whether it’s for marketing, brand engagement or for training and spreading information. Videos have four essential elements, which attracts people towards them – facial movement, voice communication, emotions and movements. These elements make video interactive and extremely useful on practical level. Video presentations are effective for demonstration of products or procedures to clients or trainees compared to the unpredictable live demonstration.

There are many uses and benefits of videos but when we talk about professional videography, they basically fall into 2 major categories:

  1. Training and Information Videography – In this videography category, videos are created to include step-by-step tutorials for a process or topic. Such type of videography involves capturing trainers presenting information on a specific topic or sometimes editing videos so as to serve as a tutorial. These videos are then generally used and circulated within an organization either by DVD, online or an internal intranet system.
  2. Promotional, Advertising and Marketing Videography – This videography category involves creation of online videos that are used by companies as a marketing tool to promote their brand, product or service. These videos are distributed through websites, video sharing sites and social networking.

Inclusion of promotional video or corporate video in marketing strategies has become essential for small businesses as well as for big brands. It has become a business tool rather than a means of entertainment. There are generally three basic reasons for companies to use video:

  1. Cost-effective – A well planned, simple and creative marketing video can be cost effective and beneficial to the marketing campaign for any company. You might think..How? Here is how – it can considerably reduce the expenses incurred on trainers or salesman to travel, promote and sell the product. With a number of high profile videography service providers adept in creating exceptional quality marketing videos, now videos can be created in at a very nominal price compared to costs  a few years ago.
  2. High Productivity – With an organizational setup, videos in the form of circulars, corporate messaging, promotions or emergency procedures can increase productivity of employees. As compared to manual writing, editing and presenting of information, a well-produced informative video will take less time to develop. Another advantage is that information the visual format reduces the time to view, grasp and understand any message or information. With a good informational video, paper work errors can be reduced to a great extent which in-turn would help in limiting the amount of calls to the helpdesk for assistance.
  3. Presentation Consistency – Through video, companies can always present the same information with the same emotions every time to its viewers resulting in full control over video presentation.

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