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When it comes to film or TV video, separate recording of the audio portion of the project happens. This is because a professional production does not function like a home video camera. Professional video productions do not use built in microphones with the camera. Recording of any dialogue is via a wireless microphone or a boom microphone through an external recording device.

This is where audio post production comes in. This involves editing and assembling the sound for the project. It occurs after approval of the final cut of the film.

What is involved?
There are different aspects of production, which includes:
• Editing of dialogue and syncing it with the lips of the actors
• Adding of sound effects and sound design
• Adding of details such as footsteps, running faucets and other background sounds. Foley artists fill it in.
• Incorporating music by the music editor
• Composer looks for places where he or she can add an original piece of music

Importance of audio in video production Toronto

Sound plays an important role in video. Sound is a great way of imprinting memories. People identify certain sounds with a specific event or experience. You would easily recognize the music score for the movie Jaws without even seeing the name of the movie on the screen. Sound is worth a 1000 pictures.
Sound is also important for triggering emotions. Think of all the scary movies you have watched. Try watching them without it. They will not be half as scary.

Great audio grabs the attention of the viewer and can turn a boring video into a hit. Get in touch with a video production company for audio post services. You can get a one-stop shop for all your video needs.