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Starting a business in the GTA is not for the fainthearted. While the area offers immense opportunities for success, the competition is extremely stiff. As such, you need to think outside the box if you are to stay afloat. This is where professional web video production Toronto services come in handy. A 2014 Forrester Research Study says that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Your start-up might be struggling to get its footing but a video production in Toronto can change all this. While millions of ads are uploaded on YouTube, many fall into obscurity, which necessitates the use of professional production services.

web videoWeb Video Production Toronto

Here are some other ways a video production company in Toronto can change your fortune and help you gain a foothold in your niche:

  1. Simple introduction to products/services: Consumers love viewing visuals and websites that feature such ads enjoy more traffic. Your website visitors crave for quick communication to understand what you are offering.
  2. Shareable content: A survey by HubSpot shows that social motion visuals generate 1200% more shares than images and texts combined.
  3. Enhanced SEO and organic search: Google loves this form of content and it is no wonder most SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) include it. YouTube is the 2nd best ranking website because internet users eventually land there. If you want to ensure that your content is optimized for search engines in the local area, then it pays to utilize video production Mississauga services which increases your brand’s visibility in the city and beyond.
  4. Retention: When information is paired with visual content, 65% of the audience will retain it even three days later according to a study published by HubSpot. If you are a new company, you want your target clients to remember you in order to try your services or products, making this an ideal marketing tool.
  5. Branding: Video is integral in branding campaigns. You can let the audience into the heart of your operations and invite them to take advantage of launch offers. This helps establish your brand within your niche.

Professional web video production Toronto can help revolutionize your business and ensure it meets the needs of the internet age. Consumers and other businesses in contemporary times don’t rely solely on sales pitches to make purchasing decisions. Today, we live in an age where people conduct online research before buying so that they are already more than half way through the sales cycle before they even speak to a company. It can be understandably hard to adjust your sales model to meet these new challenges, but that’s where we can help. Contact us to find out more and we will help with our tailor made video production services.