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Are you struggling to find a way to increase sales through digital marketing? Many of the businesses that approach us at VCM for video production in Toronto are at the end of their tether as far as online customer engagement is concerned. Many are just about ready to throw in the towel. They wonder if there is more they can do to increase sales through online marketing.  Effective and engaging video content is the answer!

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Video production plus Social Media equals increased sales

We’ve been offering video production services to clients in Toronto for over 30 years. Throughout that period, we’re often approached by businesses that haven’t incorporated video production in their digital marketing portfolio despite having been marketing their products or services online for years. This is often surprising to us considering the power of video in influencing purchasing decisions.

A recent report highlighted the power of video to increase sales, especially when combined with social media. The study found that 46% of viewers on social media made a direct purchasing decision after viewing a branded video. A further 32% made a purchase consideration after watching content on various social media platforms. Considering that more than 80% of consumers today engage with brands through social media, there is great potential for businesses to increase sales with strategic content.

Using video production to increase sales

If you haven’t already done so, hire a professional videographer in Toronto. A professional will help your business achieve success by helping you describe what your business offers in the best possible way. They will help by:

  1. Telling your product’s story

Whether it’s a clip for your sales team or for your customers, it’s important to ensure that it is engaging. Everyone loves a good story and professional videographers are good at telling stories that engage audiences.

Don’t be afraid of sharing too much information. You should be more concerned about dispelling negative beliefs with your video. Avoid false promises and showcase as many features as you can without overwhelming your audience.

  1. Present your sales pitch

A skilled videographer in Toronto will know the best way to present your product to your target audience and include a persuasive sales pitch that will convince them to make a purchase. Skillful video production will turn a video into a brilliant sales tool and give you an edge over the competition.

  1. Provide demos

People love to learn as much as they can. Providing your target audience with tutorials and demos involving your products are not only a great way to teach them how to use your products and how they can benefit from using them, but also showing that you’re an expert in your field. You will establish yourself as a leader in your industry and keep your customers coming back to you for more.

  1. Show how your product compares to others

Do you want to stand apart from the competition? Good quality video with clear messaging can help you achieve this by showcasing what makes your product better than what the competition is offering. A videographer in Toronto will help you by creating a clip that shows your product’s advantages.

We at VCM have helped many businesses achieve success through effective video content. You could be our next success story. Get in touch with us today.