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There is no disputing the power of video and if used correctly it can be one the greatest tools to promote your business. But there are a great many different types of video, perhaps all of them, but most likely some of them, will be most suitable for your endeavours and it is important to establish which ones. Once you decide on the type of video you want to make then you need to decide how to use it to best effect.

In my opinion all videos are marketing videos (sometimes referred to as corporate videos, commercial videos or web videos) in some way or another. What is more important is to look at the purpose of the videos. Often a video can fall under several categories, so when I describe the following types of video, I in know way mean them to be mutually exclusive. And one of the most important fundamental rules of video production is the ‘purpose’ of that video. You can spend $100k on the most beautifully shot video but unless it answers a fundamental question your audience is asking, or providing real value information, it’s useless.

Review Video Production Toronto

Reviews: Obviously you can’t fairly review your own products and you would not want to review competitor’s products. You can show how to use your products, as I will explain this is called an explainer video, but it is possible to review similar products or services similar to yours that people may find interesting. For example, video production company torontoWsay your business is selling the best cookies in New York. Great you make loads of videos, in a variety of formats, but how do you tackle the issue of the review format? Answer- Think about what goes hand in hand with cookies. How about you review the best coffee to drink with your cookies, or the best tea, or the best place to go eat your cookie the local vicinity. What is amazing about doing this is people will place REAL value on the content you are giving them and the bonus? The things you review positively may build back-links to your content and thus website. I could do a whole separate talk on back-linking, building domain authority, good content marketing practices etc, but we are here today just to focus on video marketing. Creating video around reviews like this and placing it on your company’s social media also creates the opportunity for sharing the content amongst your audience.

If made and used correctly the review format of video for marketing purposes is very powerful through it’s usefulness to your audience. The absolute thing to always remember is to put yourself in the readers shoes and figure out what they are likely to be asking. When you figure that out, answer the question through your review. We have been making review videos for a great number of years and it is only through trial and error that we have perfected this style of video marketing. It is an understandably a vast and tricky area for most people to navigate so you would be well advised to speak to a professional. At VCM we would be more than happy to help you in anyway we can, even if it doesn’t result in us being your preferred production company. Contact us today to find out more.