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If you are doing business in Toronto, you will agree that this is one of the most vibrant cities to start and grow an enterprise and with video marketing you can easily beat the competition. This is an international centre for business and finance; thus any type of company can thrive here. However, small businesses have to overcome a myriad of challenges due to strong competition in the marketplace.

Video Production for Effective Business Reach

This is where innovative strategies come into play. In today’s investment environment in the city, it is not about the size of your company, but rather how creative your marketing campaign is. This is where video production comes in handy as a marketing tool in order to build your business presence online.

Reasons to Use Video Production in Toronto

Of course there are many ways to improve your firm’s visibility. Video content stands out for various reasons. A recent report published by Forbes shows visual content is now the top driver of purchasing behaviour. A similar Animoto Study shows that 76.5% of marketers are achieving their campaign objectives by using this tool. A Business2Community survey on the other hand says that 84% of consumers have been convinced by video to make a purchase.

These numbers highlight the benefits that come with choosing this technique over any other in the market. Using visual content to boost brand presence is more affordable and offers a high ROI. It is a very powerful and personal medium making it more effective. Your material will be shared more rapidly, which again helps increase brand visibility.

VCM has over 30-years of experience producing effective video content for all types of companies.  We understand the different uses of video and how it can support your sales, marketing and communications initiatives. We don’t only create great video, but we will show you how to use video to increase your company’s bottom line. See what our clients have to say about working with us and how they have benefited from our video production services – Client Testimonials.

How to Leverage Video Production to Boost Your Reach?

To grow your reach, you need to deploy this technique in the smartest way possible. Here are a few methods you can use video for:

  1. Sharing your story: Consumers love authenticity and this is the reason they are moving away from programmed advertisements on TV and print. You can share your company’s experiences and show your strong points online. This is an easy way to engage potential customers.
  2. Train new staff: Your employees will become the best ambassadors you can get, but this is only possible if they are fully informed about what you do. Visual content is highly effective in training and will create a team of ambassadors.
  3. Tutorials for target customers: If you have just launched a product and you realize users are asking specific questions, you can easily go with an online video to make complex things clear. It is the easiest technique to provide value to your existing clients.
  4. Testimonials: There is no denying that testimonials are powerful marketing tools and that they carry more weight than ordinary reviews. When using testimonial videos, you give them first hand experiences from real people who have used your services and products, which gives a personal touch. This is what your audience and potential customers/clients want to see.
  5. SEO purposes: If you want to be seen on the internet marketplace, then use this popular strategy to boost your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) for your targeted keywords.
  6. Using the best calls-to-action: A good CTA encourages people to take the desired action be it subscribing, sharing your content or purchasing. Video is a great tool in the sales pipeline.

Take a look at our video portfolio to see the quality of work we create. VCM Interactive offers a free video marketing consultation worth CAD $400 to all new customers so we can see how video can benefit your business! Contact Us today to learn more.