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Video Production in Toronto for Branding

If you are looking for a way to boost your company’s performance in The Big Smoke, video production in Toronto should be at the top of the list. While there are many digital methods of promoting a business, you need the most versatile technique to stay ahead in such a big city. With such a big population and millions of visitors every year, this is without doubt the ultimate business destination. Hundreds of brands are setting up shop laying the grounds for stiffer competition. To reach your target audience and reach a wider market, you should leverage visual Ads, which are easily shareable among all customer segments.

The Strength of Corporate Video Production Toronto

There are many more reasons to invest in a corporate video production Toronto and it is no wonder that 74% of all online traffic by end of 2017 is expected to be visual. Today YouTube boasts over 1 billion users with 6 billion hours of content viewed monthly according to data by Social Bakers.

It gets even better, 90% of consumers say visual content is helpful in making purchasing decisions while 80% of internet users can recall an Ad they watched in the last 30 days. The easiest deduction from these numbers is that this is the most effective way to build your brand’s credibility in the contemporary marketplace.

Building Your Brand with Video Production in Toronto

While this technique is highly effective, it is important to work with an established video production in Toronto to get the best results. VCM Interactive brings 30 years of excellence into your project, which distinguishes us from other production firms. We set ourselves apart by commitment to 100% satisfaction in our projects while offering an array of services to get your project done under one roof. We are versatile from providing you with a Toronto videographer or creating a high end 3D animation visualization to help you showcase the awesome features of your product.

For this technique to grow your business, the following are some of the features we ensure are integrated within the content:

  1. Quick messaging: The film you make should quickly tell the viewer what your business is about, what you offer and the value you can add to their lives. This builds trust among your customers, which is a major step in lead generation and sales conversion.
  2. Adding visuals on the landing page: Recent studies have shown that adding visuals on a landing page can boost conversion by over 80%. It goes without saying that consumers rely heavily on this type of materials to make decisions. However, avoids automatic play as this turns off would-be customers.
  3. Leverage social media: If there is one thing social media enthusiasts love, it is visual content. With high quality content, you will easily build the credibility of your brand through increased brand mentions.
  4. Boost email-marketing: You can achieve 200-300% click-through rate (CTR) for your emails by adding this type of content. Email still remains one of the most effective advertising tool and you can now make it work for you better.
  5. Internal communication: To ensure your staff becomes your first class advocates, go ahead and produce creative and entertaining content to be used in training and other purposes.

If your company is struggling to create an impact in a particular niche, it is time to contact VCM Interactive. We ensure delivering the best output, suitable to the needs of your marketing, sales and communications objectives. Contact VCM today and one of our senior producers will be happy to help you build your brand’s credibility with video production in Toronto.