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Motion graphics in Mississauga is a popular and sought after visual communications tool that many businesses are asking about. The first question that always arises is “how much does it cost to produce motion graphics and what’s involved?”

Motion Graphics In Mississauga

Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. (VCM) is passionate about creating all sorts of video content to support marketing, sales and communications initiatives ranging from motion graphics, 2D/3D animation, live action, green-screen etc. When it comes to motion graphic videos, we understand that it can be difficult to gage how much a production would cost using this style. In some cases, this style may not be a good fit for your marketing strategy and budget. There’s a lot of variables that come into play when pricing a motion graphic video and we’re here to help guide you through the process and what’s involved with producing motion graphics in Mississauga. Here we go!

Getting Started With Motion Graphics

Motion graphic videos are a fun and visually engaging medium to use to effectively tell your story, especially when it comes to communicating a complex idea. Animation and motion graphics reduces complex ideas to simple easy to grasp concepts. Since motion graphics are visually stimulating they are usually understood in most languages without voiceover and can be easily adapted to other languages. This is great for creating brand or product awareness on a mass scale!

The first step is to create a Creative Brief so it’s clear what the purpose of the video is. What is the business objective and the key messaging that the video needs to convey? The Creative Brief is very important to communicate your idea to a video production company so they can deliver your video the highest standard. At the very minimum a brief should include the following:
– Measurable Objective & Goalsmotion graphics mississauga
– Key Messaging
– Target Audience
– Tone & Image
– Advertising & Branding Guidelines
– Budget
– Timelines & Schedule
– Deliverables Required
– Where the video will be shown online i.e. website, landing page(s), social media, tradeshows etc.


First of all, what set’s apart a good motion graphic video to a great one, is a well thought out script with clear messaging, using smart transitions (different motion elements morphing and transitioning from scene to scene) and of course the quality of the animation. Here’s the process to creating a great video using motion graphics:
– Creative Brief
– Script
– Conceptualization
Storyboarding Design
– Voiceover/Narration (if needed)
– Music bed
Video Animatic Animation
– Review process
– Final Delivery


The cost of a motion graphic video depends on the concept, script, design and duration of the video. If there are available assets to use in the video like icons, graphic elements etc. that will help reduce costs because not everything needs to be designed from scratch. On average a well conceived motion graphic video can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $12,500 CDN. Below are a couple of examples from our portfolio with price ranges:

Booknet Canada Motion Graphic Explainer Video
RT: 1-min 17-sec
Budget: $8,500.00CDN
– includes concept, script consulting, storyboarding, voiceover, animation and music

RBC Green IT Achievements Motion Graphic Video
RT: 2-min 30-sec
Budget: $5,500.00CDN
– includes concept, script consulting, storyboarding, animation and music

As you can see a lot of thought, time and man-hours go into creating a motion graphic video. The concept, script, design, quality, running time and the assets available to use in the video are all big variables in setting the cost. To find out more about how motion graphics in Mississauga can work for your business please contact us. We are happy to set up a discovery meeting and do a thorough walkthrough to see if motion graphics is the way to go for your video marketing strategy.