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Utilize Corporate VideoOne of the questions we get most frequently from our customers is how to utilise commercial video production in Toronto. Once upon a time, the answer was simple – television. While TV ads are still crucial considerations, we understand that there are many other ways to utilise commercial video production in Mississauga or Toronto. Whether you’re bootstrapping your business, run a Fortune 500 company, or operate a non-profit, you can use this method to grow and succeed.

We’ll start with the most obvious use – television ads. There’s been a lot of talk about how the Internet has decimated TV-based advertising, but that’s just hype. In fact, television ads are still the most powerful tool available to most marketers and offer immense reach. Revenue from TV advertising is actually growing, moving from $2.83 billion in 2003 to $3.5 billion in 2014.

Other Uses for Commercial Video Production in Toronto

Think that TV commercials are the only place you might use videos for marketing purposes? Think again. While millions of Canadians still watch TV, giving you access to a captive audience, we understand that you need to broaden your reach with other methods.

YouTube Preroll: YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it’s completely dedicated to videos. Preroll audio-visual ads give you another weapon in your marketing arsenal, but you can also create informative videos and post them directly to YouTube.

Facebook Video Ads: Facebook is the king of social media, and their audio-visual ads are not only effective, but actually popular with consumers. Professional quality audio-visual production ensures that you maximize the value of this option.

Snapchat and Other Social Media: Think that Facebook is the only social media network of note? It’s not. There are quite a few others, such as Snapchat, Twitter and more, and they support audio-visual ads that can extend your reach and build your brand reputation with your target audience.

Your Website and Blog: Don’t neglect one of the most important places to use high-quality, professionally recorded videos – your website and/or blog. You can re-purpose your TV ads here, or create unique cinematographic content for visitors who come to your blog or site. You can create marketing-specific videos, informative content, humorous videos and more, and enjoy a deeper connection with your audience and a better return on your investment. Client testimony videos are also a great asset.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy

What might you gain by using high quality videos for marketing? Actually, you can:

  • Build, enhance and reinforce your brand
  • Improve sales and boost market share over competitors
  • Inform and advise your audience
  • Generate media interest

At VCM, we know first-hand not only the value of commercial video production in the GTA, but the myriad of options available to you for using this media to ramp up your marketing and branding efforts. With that being said, we also understand that not all of these options will be the right fit for every client, and we strive to create a customised solution that works for your needs. Enhance your brand recognition and awareness through our TV commercial production services on time and on budget. Contact us now to find out more.