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How Corporate Video Production Can Help51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.  It’s said that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they see, and 50% of what they hear and see! Studies reveal that people are more likely to be engaged by a video, person who views a video will stay on a website on an average of two minutes longer.

Experts call it the “wow effect”, where the first few images that grabs the attention of an audience that is already saturated with thousands of messages during the day. When a commercial has the ability to make you turn your head to catch a glimpse of what is happening, the chances are that it will be capable of keeping the audience’s attention and hence, deliver the idea that you want them to remember your business. It will give you the exposure to find new clients and to standout from your competitors. The only requirement is that you need to hire an expert who captures all the images, records videos, edits it, works with a team to get the best performance out of on-camera talent.

Why Corporate video production in Toronto?

By the way, video is a much broader tool to use make your business grow. Professional videographers are helping entrepreneurs to enhance both their image and the communication between the company and the clients. Here are a few other uses of video than can improve your company’s development:

  1. Introducing you to the clients. Whenever you have a new client, it can be a very good idea to introduce yourself via video. Make sure that this device is produced in a way that gives the best image of you and highlights the success of your firm or product.
  2. Instruction and insight. If you work in technology of any kind, you will agree that people always need advice about how to use a new device. Manuals are written in a way that many of us find difficult to follow. But video tutorials are handy for almost everybody.
  3. Vlogging. This trend combines the benefits of blogging and videoing. It is, obviously, a day-to-day practice where you can share your ideas, new projects, growing expectations and everything else you consider your clients will be interested in knowing about you and your business. It requires some of your time and you need to work with an expert because, if you try to be both behind and in front of the camera, it will prove to be much more time consuming than necessary. More importantly, if you try to do it by yourself with non-professional equipment, it might look naive and amateur, whereas you want to pass on the exact opposite message about yourself and the company.

These are just some ideas about video and how it can help you grow, but we have plenty of others. Increase ROI with corporate video production in Toronto at affordable prices; choose VCM from the list of top 10 corporate video production companies in Toronto or Speak to our Video Expert by calling 905.361.2977 or contact us.