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Retreats are the in-thing in the corporate world today. This phenomenon has been there for decades, but its intensity has grown by leaps and bounds over the last one decade. The value of these events is infinitesimal, and while not everyone can attend at the same time, capturing these moments now makes a lot of business sense.

You might be wondering what value a corporate Video production Toronto team can bring to your firm, and you are in for a surprise. Well, just take a step back and consider that Facebook reports over three billion views on its platform while YouTube says over four billion videos are watched daily.

If you share with the rest of your employees, and more importantly target customers, you can bet this will give a whole new perspective to your brand. Think about the impact of a simple retreat clip on the following.

• Customer loyalty: Every customer wants to feel appreciated and regarded as part of a brand, and when you share them these sessions, they feel you think about them.
• Brand visibility: When the song Happy by Pharrel hit the airwaves in 2013, big companies harped on the fun and danced to the tune and then shared these moments. These productions show a softer side of your brand and as the viewers laugh, they associate with your brand even more.
• Telling a visual story: If the retreat involves some training on a new product, you can use a videographer Toronto to capture those moments that can hype the product before it hits the shelves.
Such videos can also be used to give morale to staff in other offices as they get to see and learn from experts you have invited. These video moments can also be shared as keepsakes during corporate gigs for staff members.

At VCM Interactive, we have the videography experts, equipment and experience to give you indelible moments. Count on us for the most outstanding videos at affordable rates.