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As we all know, YouTube is the second largest search engine (it is in fact the largest video search engine) after Google.  This mere fact is enough to conclude that now people don’t like to read any more or we can say that people don’t want to spend time reading. In the present web world, video is getting preference over write-ups. Video has become a powerful marketing tool to bring spotlight on your product, brand or company. Reason behind video’s popularity is that videos are directly broadcast to target audience for free through emails or social networking sites.  Online free to air and free to view video’s are the latest craze and in this internet driven society video is more accessible and easier to create.

Product Videos – Advantages of using video production for promoting your products

With the help of marketing or promotional product videos, you can tremendously increase the sale of your products. During the video production process, keep in mind the following checkpoints to ensure popularity and success of your video:

  1. The essence of video lies in its power to interact with people. You can present your product in multidimensional format; viewer can see close-ups of product, overall practical uses, detailed functioning and important features. All these wrapped in a well scripted story with some emotions and a catchy tune makes your video a perfect marketing piece.
  2. Sites having videos are given higher priority over the ones with written content by search engines. Search engines like Google are programmed in such a way that they provide higher rank to sites that consist of videos. A properly optimized video has better chance to get higher ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
  3. People like to share videos more as compared to text or any write-ups which has no visuals or multimedia effect. Inclusion of “Like” or “share” links on facebook is like icing on a cake, when anyone clicks on  “Like” or “share” for your video, it automatically pops up on their wall, thus being available for everyone to watch.
  4. Videos are really sticky. Meaning that videos make viewers stay on your site for longer periods of time compared to text.  A longer stay time is an important factor for achieving higher rank in search engines page.
  5. The company gets to connect directly to the customer through video blogs. Video offers powerful insights into likes and dislikes of customers. Customers can clear their confusions, share experience, get more information about product and company; which attracts them and thus results in revenue increase.
  6. Video goes beyond the borders. Even if a viewer does not know your language, he/she can watch the video, visualize the benefits/uses, get connected to the emotions and thus understand your product.
  7. Promotional videos have now become affordable with lots of professional video production companies offering video production services at competitive prices. Videos are not just limited to high profile organizations. A simple, well scripted, neat, easily understandable 2-3 minutes video can convey your message in a very effective way.

Video is becoming increasingly popular amongst internet users as viewers relate better to video. Many times, while reading text people may omit the information you would like to convey about the product but this is not the case with video as video keeps viewers engaged. Video allows you to create a face for your brand and bring it to life. There is no better way to spread the word about a business or company than making a great online marketing video. Video has the ability to present lots of information in a short time period. Video is social, mobile, interactive, profitable, trackable, brandable and the list goes on. The power of video is simply undeniable.

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