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Video content on social media is becoming more popular; thanks to Vine, Pinterest and Vimeo. By next year, statistics show that online video could account for 50% of online traffic. VCM Interactive can help you produce exciting content to include on your website and social media sites through our professional video production and 3D video animations.

When it comes to corporate video production, VCM Interactive knows that one of the biggest challenges is being comfortable on camera. So we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to help clients look and feel natural on film. In our experience, we find that real people are often better to represent your brand than actors.


Get to know your videographer: Meeting with your videographer prior to your video shoot gives you a chance to ask questions and raise concerns. Make a list of questions that you want to ask. This way there are no surprises or uncertainties on the day of the shoot.

Share your expectations: What are you expecting the video to look like? Your opinion matters to us, plus having an idea of what you’re looking for will help us to fulfil your vision. Check out what your competition is doing and find visual references so you can show us the style you have in mind.

Keep it simple: Avoid wearing any clothing that could be distracting, including: busy patterns, stripes or bright colours. Try not to go overboard on accessories or makeup either—think fresh-faced and natural! When you’re addressing the camera, don’t be too animated. Remember to keep a light, conversational tone.

Give input: At VCM Interactive, we like to hear what our clients’ opinions are in terms of video style, video editing, images, music etc. By working together, we can create a video that effectively reflects your company. This is a synergetic partnership.

Set up a practice session: Spend some time in front of the mirror a few days before your video shoot so you can run through what you’re going to speak about. This will help you to adjust the facial expressions, body language and tone you use. If you tense up, try taking a deep breath or a quick break if necessary.

Your corporate video can leave a lasting impression on thousands of viewers online. VCM Interactive’s corporate video production services can help you make sure that first impression is a positive one! For more helpful tips on how to make you feel camera-ready, talk to one of the experienced directors and/or videographers at VCM.