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Paul Nandrajog from VCM Interactive has been offering video production and promotional content services for the not-for-profit Global Global Mala 2014 Yoga Flyer Innisfil ONMala Project initiative in Innisfil, Ontario. Come join us at Innisfil Beach Park on Fri. Sept. 19th, Sat. Sept. 20th and Sun. Sept 21st. We are gathering to bring love, caring and compassion to all beings.  For more information on the event please visit

Fri. Sept. 19th @ 7pm – Flow through 1008 Mantras & Meditation for your mind.

Sat. Sept 20th @ 2pm – 108 Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) + Yoga Teachers teaching different practices

Sun. Sept. 21st @ 12-noon – Laughter Yoga with Anne-Marie Irelend & Benefits of Reiki by Teresa da Silva

With a minimum $5 donation, your name will go int a draw to win a gift from one of our donating sponsors:

Bell Book & Candle

Pasta Plus

Alcona Beach Health Shoppe


Destination Om

Colour Energy

Donations can be sent through the website here

The Global Mala Project is uniting yoga, service and collective action. The purpose of the project is to bring the global yoga community together from every continent, school and approach to form a “mala around the world” through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108 (108 Surya Namaskar, Matra, Kriya, Meditation).

For this gathering our awareness is directed to raise funds for people in Liberia where there is more than 90% unemployment.  Your donations will give them access to fresh water, food and schooling. The donations going to North Bay will go towards the subsidizing of a breakfast program that provides a nutritious breakfast for 30-35 students each day, with the assistance of 10 wonderful volunteers that arrive each morning to make and serve the breakfast, as well as to provide a warm smile and caring conversation to students who may not experience this otherwise. The program costs about $2400 each year to run.  Some of this food also goes to students to supplement or provide a lunch as well as breakfast.

Come join us for this great cause and experience the power of Yoga.

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