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Over the last seven years, most businesses have undergone a tumultuous patch both in Canada and globally. This is because the ripple effect of the 2007/2008 recession is still being felt, but today you can leverage a corporate video production Toronto team to turn your fortunes around.

Leveraging Professional Solutions
A study by eMarketer shows that while the internet is the future of marketing, over 67% of businesses are still not visible online hence the turmoil they are facing. One way of remedying this is by capitalizing on a video production company Toronto. With Forrester Research projecting over 70% of online traffic will be video by 2017, there is no better time to enhance your brand’s visibility than now.

Why not any other media you might ask? Take a look at some of these ideas.

• Easily grabbing attention: Over 67% of online users who click on a clip watch over three quarters of your content. If you have used an expert to create your content, you are assured that viewers will already have an idea about your brand by the time they are done.
• Easy sharing: Nielsen, in a study, shows that over 70% of viewers share content especially on social media, and by using solutions from an expert, you can bet your clip will go viral. This in turn enhances brand recognition, which is a crucial part of marketing.
• Versatility: Whether you want to launch a product, create an internal production, capitalize on 2D/3D animations or any other production solutions, an expert will have it ready for you. When all these are done expertly, you can bet your brand will get tongues wagging and isn’t this what every business executive wants?

From promotional, training, educational, documentaries, 3D animations, digital printing, to DVD/CD duplication, among other services, VCM Interactive will be ready to assist. For video productions on time and within budget we are waiting for your call.