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There’s been an increase in demand for video production Toronto services. This isn’t surprising considering that audiovisual content is now leading the charge in online content. Reports have shown that including a video in an email will increase click through rate by 200 to 300 percent and having a video on a website landing page will increase engagement by 80%. These video facts shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you know anything about making audiovisual content in Toronto, you should know how tough the competition is. The capital of Ontario is now the fourth largest city in North America so the economy and competition is thriving. You therefore have to bring your A game if you want your work to be given the attention it deserves.

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Styling for Effective Video Production Toronto

You don’t have to be a professional stylist working in fashion or film to have a video worth noticing. You simply need to apply these tips to get that quality production.

  1. Understand the client and the brief

Before you start out on a job, ensure that you have a clear understanding of what the client wants and needs. Talk to the client and build a rapport. Getting honest and clear feedback regularly from your client will help guide your work.

You should also make an effort to learn more about their business and their expectations. Learn to read between the lines to clearly understand what the client hopes to achieve from their investment.

  1. Understand your target audience

What demographic do you want to appeal to? Would they appreciate drama or comedy? What set pieces can they relate to? This will help you make the set more appealing to the specific audience you’re targeting.

  1. Work with a budget

Have your budget approved before you begin any work. Your budget will make the difference when deciding where you shop and what you purchase for the sets. Many businesses will seek to save money and may therefore limit your budget. This shouldn’t be a setback. Take it as a challenge to do more with less. You should visit prop houses, flea markets, discount stores, and online to search for items to use on your set.

  1. Research

This is vital. Gather more information about the scenes and how to make them realistic. If you’re doing a period piece, for example, you may want to find out more about what people wore in the middle-ages, what type of furniture they had, and how they got around. The more details you can uncover, the better the set and the overall production will be.

  1. Be Practical

It’s easy to get carried away when working on a project that you particularly enjoy. However, it is important to be practical. There are many things that nobody will notice. You may want to use real flowers for example but fake flowers are just as pretty and much cheaper. Not to mention that you can use them in other projects.

  1. Keep your eyes open

Inspiration is all around us. You may find inspiration in a restaurant as you have your lunch or in the park or in a friend’s home. Learn to be observant and keep a notebook with you. You should take note of anything you find interesting or inspiring. Those ideas may come in handy later on.

Styling a set for video production Toronto takes time and skill. If you want to achieve great results, it’s best to have a professional team to back you. Get in touch with us at Visual Communications & Marketing (VCM) and get our talented and resourceful team working for you.