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There is a clear difference between DVD Duplication and DVD Replication. Depending on timeline and budget one option may be better than the other.

DVD Duplication

If you are doing a short-run ie. under 1000 units you are better off going with DVD duplication because of faster turnaround times. The DVD duplication process consists of burning the data onto the DVD disc. Digital print on the disc face for DVD duplication is a good option with a professional packaging option like a black DVD amaray case with a full colour insert. With custom packaging options a marketing DVD can create excellent results and get your message out in an efficient way. A DVD-R master is required for the DVD duplication process.

DVD Replication

DVD Replication is your best bet when a large run is required. It is a more professional and robust process. A glass master is created and then replicated on a mass scale to fulfil your marketing needs. Depending on how many colours are in your artwork, colour films are created for the silkscreening process to get the image on the disc face.

DVD Duplication vs DVD Replication

DVD Duplication vs DVD Replication