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DVD Duplication Toronto Packaging OptionDVD duplication Toronto offers its customers, two options for reproducing original Discs into any number with same content quality. Once your video production Toronto is complete you can see what DVD process suits your needs so you can distribute your video.

One option is to burn the information onto a blank recordable disc; this is called duplication. Another method is to add the information during the disc manufacturing process; this technique is called replication. There are advantages to either option:

No matter if DVD duplication or DVD replication is your choice, DVD duplication Toronto provides quality services.

For more detailed understanding you may read this article;

DVD Duplication Toronto Options

Timing is the main key deciding factor when it comes to choosing between the two procedures. When time is of essence then DVD duplication is often the best option. Whether you need a single DVD or run thousands of copies, VCM Interactive can assist you. A Toronto videographer can only take you so far.

Now you must be wondering which print method is the best? It all depends on your artwork, besides the quantity of DVD’s you are running. However, there are general guidelines that can help you choose the best method.

If your order is less than 250 units, digital printing on disc face is almost always the best choice, as it is cost-effective. But, if you are considering manufacturing 500-1000 discs, your options widen.

Silkscreen is best for printing line art with pantone colors, to retain colors of the artwork. However, we do have the best color silk- screening available. Contact us for a quote, and see the following link for info on Silk Screening

The amount of time in hand as well as the quantity you need will help you zero in on the kind of artwork you can go for with the DVD’s. Next comes in is the packaging for those DVD’s: there is a large and varied selection for packaging your DVD project. We offer an endless selection of packaging choices:

  1. The most popular is the generic white paper sleeve, being the most cost effective.
  2. Standard DVD case insert,
  3. Cardboard sleeve with print, clam shell, jewel case, mailers
  4. DVD Digi-packs
  5. Custom packaging

Also, the DVD sleeves and cases are available in a wide variety of materials.

Or, if you cannot find the perfect packaging style for your DVD project, we can design and build it for you. Generally DVD’s range in cost from $1-5 depending on what options you choose.

Here’s a breakdown of what you might expect to pay per disc:

  • 1,000 or more disks: $1 to $1.60
  • 500-999: $1.30 to $1.80
  • 50-99: $2.50 to $3
  • 1-24: $4 to $5

DVDs are slightly more expensive:

  • 1,000 or more: $1.60 to $2.10
  • 500-999: $1.80 to $2.30
  • 50-99: $3 to $3.50
  • 1-24: $4.50 to $5

Keep in mind that the prices above do not include the cost of accessories like plastic sleeves or cases, which can run $.10 to $.50 each.

  • Plastic sleeves usually cost $.10 to $.15 each
  • Jewel cases cost $.25 to $.35
  • DVD cases run $.35 to $.50

Whether you are searching for the perfect retail DVD packaging for your new short film, or if you’re searching the web for a unique solution for your next trade show, presentation or event, chances are you’ll find what you are looking for at VCM Interactive. If you need a professional Toronto videographer or any other video production Toronto services feel free to contact us today. We are happy to help with all your video production and duplication needs.