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How Businesses can use DVD duplication to their advantage

DVD Duplication TorontoDVD Duplication Toronto is a great solution if you are looking for an effective communication tool to position yourself in the market, in the midst of fierce competition. DVD provides an excellent format, and is the ultimate communication tool.

We have discussed some basics and uses of DVD duplication in our recent blog –

It is important for us to help our customers learn about the various advantages of having a physical DVD and how it can benefit your business needs.

DVD’s will never be off the shelves, here is why:

1) Promotion– DVD can be a used as a promotional material to give to your existing or potential clients, in order to garner their interest. Make copies and give one to each business client. It lets people know about your business. DVD duplication Toronto serves both large and small business needs to get their name out in the market and letting everyone know what they have to offer. Lowers the marketing cost.

2) Presentation – Businesses often have to download information to their clients, using DVD as a medium is a unique way as a lot of data can be stored on the disc. Paper and texts could be tedious thereby giving visual medium an edge over the others specially when it takes only seconds.

3) Advertising – Businesses rely upon all kinds of advertising media, but what creates a lasting impression is using the video. It helps promote services as well as share any company news.

4) Demonstration – Messages combined with visuals is an effective tool to explain the product and services of a company e.g. companies demonstrating about the product their industry is offering.
Valuable insights of a company that helps customers base their decision.

5) Informing – Videos provide some information about the past and present works of the company, also they can be used to inform about the future of the company. It can be used to inform about the upcoming events as its using video as a medium to advertise, which will help spread the word. It becomes easy with DVD’s.

If the above reasons aren’t enough – Forbes lists some substantial reasons why DVD won’t die out soon.
We at VCM Interactive have an experience in carefully designing the video to address the concerns of your undecided customers, as we can produce powerful videos. Take a look at some of our past work,

When thinking of the transition from VHS to DVD , the leap was huge, people needed to make small investments to take advantage of it. In comparison the leap between DVD’s and blu-rays seems, sort of small really, as the picture is better, other than that they’re functionally the same, that’s probably why DVD’s are still popular. Physical media still has large enough audience and a viable way to store content.

As we are convinced that DVD’S are a cheap, reliable option, and easily available globally.

Top 5 ways to use DVD Duplication Toronto for your company


1) DVDs is a reasonable alternative for people who’s internet just isin’t fast enough for reliable streaming.

2) DVD won’t degrade over-time, it will run just as well now as it did when it was made.

3) Most people feel the need to have their own copy, as the image quality of DVD is dependent on the bit rate. Both DVD player and its content are cheaper.

4) Laptops and Portable players typically handle DVD’s

5) DVD players don’t need any update.

As much it is an important tool for businesses it becomes only crucial to understand the price points on DVD duplication and why it is important not to compromise on the best quality that comes with a price. However, the cost involved can vary depending on your project.  Contact us for a quote today.