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If your business already involves producing video products, DVD Duplication Toronto is a great way to reach your intended target audience effectively and quickly.

DVD stands for digital video disk. In recent years there has been a transition of DVD’s from a high end customer indulgence to its
current position, as a common item. Fact remains that the higher storage capacity of DVD’s for data gives it an edge over the other trends. Anything can happen to your master copy,  that is where DVD duplication comes in. It’s better to get a professional duplication company who specializes in this service instead of burning one disc at a time. When pursuing DVD duplication in Toronto you will want to know how much it costs. At VCM we have been offering duplication services for over two decades. In this
blog we will let you know the factors that come into play when pricing a duplication project.



DVD Duplication TorontoSo if you are already looking to make copies of your master DVD and trying to work out the cost involved with duplication, it is imperative to understand the process. The duplication process involves taking an existing disc i.e. the master disc and retrieving the information or data from it. The information is then written on a blank disc, making a copy that is identical to the original. The copy is compared and verified to the master disc to ensure that the data was duplicated exactly. Depending on how long your video is, these are the different types of DVD’s that hold different data sizes:

  1. DVD-5 (single layer) holds 4.7GB
  2. DVD-9 (dual layer) holds 8.5GB
  3. DVD-18 – (two sided disc that holds DVD-9 on both sides) holds 17GB


Duplicated discs have faster turn-around time and are generally more economical. In case you are wondering how much will it cost to get your job done. Your decision to duplicate discs is based on the following variables that will help you determine the best suitable process for your project:

  1. Quantity – The unit price per DVD is dependent on the quantity you want. Pricing breaks come at 100-250-qty, 250-500-qty., 500-1000-qty., 1000-2000 qty., 5000+ qty. and so on. Bulk DVD duplication allows to work within economies of scale and is therefore cost-effective.
  2. Packaging – Pricing will depend on the packaging you need for your discs i.e. standard DVD case with trapsheet, digipak, cardboard sleeve, paper sleeve etc. Custom packaging is available and will usually cost you more. The most cost effective packaging is a white paper sleeve. If you want a professional presentation for your disc a DVD case with trapsheet or a digipak are recommended.
  3. Delivery time – When time is of essence, duplicating discs helps you meet the urgency of your work. Usual turnaround time is 5 to 8- business days. If you need your order in a hurry, Rush fees will apply.

Duplication is the easiest and fastest way in which you can mass-produce high quality of DVD’S without compromising on the actual picture and audio quality. For media companies whose content is  100% digital, it is wise to have actual discs.

At VCM Interactive, we use high volume duplication towers to make identical copies of your master disc using blank discs, while offering competitive pricing. We offer you professional duplication services to meet your needs and timeline. Our experienced team can help you bring your project to the market and on budget. Please contact us for a quote on pricing and different options to package your disc.