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Not every company that provides video editing in Toronto is necessarily worth the money. A good video production company in Toronto will know to stay away from these 6 things when video editing.

Jump Cuts

Jump cuts occur when the scene suddenly changes in a way that is jarring for the audience. Ideally, any time a scene changes the camera angle should change, which diminishes this effect.

Bad Transitions

Some of the companies that provide video editing in Toronto are big fans of transitions. These are effects such as wipes, fades and so forth. Unless they serve some sort of aesthetic purpose, they should be left out. The same applies with any visual effect because they tend to be overused and take too long to complete in many video productions.

Very Visible Editing

As Video School Online points out, the editing in a video should be invisible. You shouldn’t notice that something has been edited; it should simply flow with the rest of the video in pacing and emotion.

Uneven Audio

When a shot changes during a conversation or during other action in a video, the audio level should not change, nor should the quality. This is a sign that the audio hasn’t been edited properly and it is extremely jarring for the audience.

Too Many Titles

Sometimes, a video production company in Toronto won’t be able to resist putting their titles all over your video. It’s normal for a couple of titles to be included, but don’t overdo it.

It Can Make a Video Great

If done properly, good video editing can create a story from the most challenging footage. It’s all about finding the story and making it as seamless as possible with good editing techniques that evoke emotion and tell a well-paced story. Therefore, a good video edit should be seamless and evoke emotion.

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