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Mobile Use/Social Media (Twitter, FB etc.), Video and Broadcast – How They All Interconnect and Can Benefit One AnotherThis rapidly changing digital age has had a big impact on the traditional advertising landscape and how businesses think about marketing and advertising.  Business owners are now looking at options to achieve maximum potential with digital media solutions because there are now 3 main screens to fill  with content – Broadcast, web and mobile. Smart phones have had a enormous impact on how people consume information and content. With a large share of daily tasks being executed through smart phones, including the use of apps and social media sites, the smart phone has evolved as the personal center of entertainment, broadcast, information gathering, and execution of essential tasks. The smart phone has also evolved as a platform by allowing anybody to make their personal opinions on various issues known through various social media sites and online forums.

There’s a secret to unlocking the power of technology to enhance business development and sales. Companies need to leverage social media for transforming business connections into trustworthy personal relationships. Developing interpersonal relationships improves professional competence, making your business more dynamic, exciting, and profitable in the long run.

Increase Your Market Reach with Promotional Videos:

Whether it is the use of smart phones and the social media such as Twitter, FB, or uploading videos on YouTube, your business should not be limited to complex and expensive applications on a single platform. It is important to diversify. You might think of confining yourself to a single setup, but that is the biggest mistake you could commit. The iPhone represents a mere 25% of the market, and this is why you need to reach out to a customer base of growing mobile users. Google Android is the leader in the market with 50% of the smartphone market based in North America. Broadcasted commercials can also create a conversation on Twitter combining the powers of traditional media with the new social media platforms. Broadcast and web are finally finding out how they can work together to drive viewership and engagement.

Creating a simple yet powerful mobile app to enhance your business efficiency is a great step forward. It is cheaper to operate web based apps which run across diverse platforms. This is because they can be maintained and updated easily. They render the Google App Store irrelevant. These are some of the features that help in reducing costs and improving on the time taken to bring a product to the market, while enhancing productivity.

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This is crucial to ensure the success of the mobile marketing campaigns. SMS short codes and QR codes are displayed on in-store signage, billboards, TV, posters and print ads. All you need to do is develop a creative approach for reaching out to your target audience in a way that appeals to them and holds their interest; this can be effectively achieved through commercial video production. You do not need to go for a reprint as the same code can help in multiple promotions as you can change the mobile web page, which the link leads to. Handing out of flyers and brochures makes collection of data literally impossible. QR Code marketing allows instant compilation of the details of every access with the code.

There are ample benefits of SMS marketing. It has a rate of high acceptance as these SMS’s are seen by all subscribers. It is a form of instant campaigning. The text messages are sent as well as received within a few minutes of making the promotion. You can for example drive the mobile coupons and promotion to your business store on slow evenings and clear inventory within a matter of hours

Around 72 million Americans accessed social networking websites and blogs through their mobile devices in August 2012. This is an increase of 37% from the same time the previous year. What all this means is that there has been a rise in the number of people using mobile devices for accessing social media. It is estimated that around a third of all the mobile users in the USA are accessing social media sites, out of which almost 40 million are doing it on a daily basis. Reports also suggest that more than 80% of traction occurs on sites that use videos to showcase their services or work portfolio. Promotional and corporate video can be very beneficial to any business from small to large enterprise.

The behavior is more apparent among the smartphone owners. Reportedly, LinkedIn (175 million users), Twitter (517 million users) and Facebook (1 Billion users) are experiencing a growth in terms of mobile activity each month.  Another trending factor is that people are using the social media platforms through the use of mobile apps. By sharing the unique voice of your company through promotional videos and sharing it with the online community, you can encourage users to connect with your organization through social media.