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A study by A.C. Nielsen in 2013 reckons that over 75% of internet traffic by 2017 will be video. What’s more, Forrester Research reckons that over 67% of customers who view video productions online share them.

As a suave business executive, you will find it obvious that a corporate video production Toronto service can rejuvenate your business operation due to the fact that the video content can be shared. However, there is a catch; these tools can only come alive if an expert videographer works on this invaluable project.

Why use a professional while you have already invested in a video camera or other equipment? The answer lays in these factors:

1. Technical expertise: Are you creating a live action, 2D or 3D video? If you can’t answer this, then you need a professional who has the know how to deliver a killer corporate creation.
2. Tell a story: With such an experienced hand, you have an intensive process that involves assessment and quotation, pre-production, post-production, delivery and report as well as marketing. This can only be possible when done by a resourceful video production company Toronto.
3. Equipment: When it comes to marketing techniques, you need sophisticated gadgets and editing suites to ensure what you launch online will get enough hits for the best ROI.
4. Customization: Your story must be unique and only an expert can bring out this tricky aspect. Through personalized graphics, titles, audio, sub-titles and packaging your videographer passes a message subtly and within a few minutes. Try doing it alone and you will realize just how hard the process is.
5. SEO optimization: Yes, you have a story but is it worth being online? Will it bring more relevant traffic? Without search engine optimization, your creation is as good as dead. This is another major reason motion gurus come in handy.

Stuck on your marketing, promotional, sales and communications techniques? Get professional and effective video production services on time and within budget.