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Numbers never lie, and when Forrester Research says a one-minute clip equals 1.8 million words, every business owner should sit up. Of course video has been called the new black in marketing, but its significance has never been expressed so succinctly.

Customization for a Competitive Edge

Well, it is not just about any production because for you to make an impact, you have to customize your video content. This, according to experts, is what will make or break your marketing campaign. Luckily, VCM Interactive has been creating customized content for 30 years and also happens to be the most established solutions provider in the region, and for many good reasons.

Here are some ideas why you need customized content, and not just from any Johnny-come-lately, but an established video production Toronto firm.

1. Target customer rapport: There are trends such as memes that will come and go, but what you create must resonate with your target clients. As such, these experts will help analyze your market and come up with a video that your clients will identify with.
2. SEO: Google loves nothing more than original content. By creating a unique clip you will better your rankings on search engines which are what you really want.
3. Affordability: Customized content is easy to source, and with an expert by your side, the entire project will be more affordable. These experts have the expertise, full-scale studio units and once they get material from your company, the rest is easy to formulate.
4. Personal touch: Any video production professional will emphasize the importance of owning your production. By getting involved, you can bet the final result will be more impressive as opposed to leaving everything to a production team.

From explainer videos to animations, we help create a professional budget and flexible schedule for you guaranteeing better ROI from this project. Count on us for the most outstanding videos at affordable rates.