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1.8 million words – that’s the value of a one-minute corporate video, according to research by Forrester. Amazing, isn’t it? If you consider that 45.4% of all internet users totaling 2.92 billion view a video online over the course of one month, you start appreciating the role video can play in your business.

A professional videography service becomes apparent if you are to increase sales with your video productions. An expert has the equipment, training, market knowledge and also understands new multimedia tools such as 2D/3D animations.

Enticing Video Sales Conversion Statistics

Well, recent studies highlight the fact that a videographer expertise can improve sales conversion.
In a sample study featuring multiple online retailers, these statistical findings stand out:

• Shoppers who view your video are 174% more likely to buy from you than those who don’t, according to a Retail Touch point’s survey.
• Visitors who view a product video are 85% more likely to buy than those who don’t, according to an Internet Retailer study.
• Visitors who view a video on your page stay twice as long on and also view more pages as opposed to those who don’t view, according to Chamberlain Research.
Banking on Video Expertise
A reliable corporate production company helps create a video with a micro story, description of how your products or services solve market problems and a strong call to action.
They also increase sale conversion through their versatility as they can be used in promotions, customer testimonials, how-to guides, product information and entertainment to show the funny side of your brand.

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