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Many businesses that approach us here at VCM are often experimenting with video as they try to adapt to new ways of communicating with younger generations. It can be understandably difficult for companies to know where to begin when it comes to creating video as there are so many options, so many purposes and so much potential. That is why we always like to conduct a free Discovery Meeting with businesses to see exactly what they want their video to achieve and this then helps direct our content creation, idea formation and story boarding. This initial meeting allows for the exchange of information, with the aim being that we work out exactly what the client wants and then advise them on the best way as to achieving this objective.

Another huge consideration for companies is budget. Without doubt the biggest unknown for people unfamiliar with video is the cost involved, and it is important to address this issue early on so as to ascertain whether the budget can match the ambition.

Corporate Video Production Toronto


Recently the Student Association at Humber College(HSF) approached us to create some video content for them. The purpose of the videos was to educate new students as to what the HSF does and to help attract new members. We took on board the HSF’s objectives and presented the idea of producing some fun videos that would be in the live action format and would feature students from the college. The two main narratives of the content would be entertainment and information.

After the initial meeting the HSF went about recruiting students for us to do some screen testing with to see who would be most suitable to feature in the production. We also set about storyboarding our ideas in terms of how we could feature interesting and fun visual representations of the services they wanted to promote. Furthermore we conducted what is called a recce to see which locations would work best for us to film at. A recce is basically a scouting mission for film makers so they can pin point the most visually interesting places to film. Against this they also have to measure things that could interfere with filming and make an educated decision as to whether it is feasible to film there. Things that can interfere with filming include; background noise, health and safety concerns, human interference, animal interference (I have had numerous shoots disrupted by loud barking dogs in the background!), weather concerns if shooting outside, lighting issues, but to name just a few considerations.

In the video you can click on below you will see the result of the project for the this particular video we produced for HSF. This was the final product after two rounds of consultation edits with the group and they were very happy with the video that was delivered. We produced this video as a series of content for HSF that featured various aspects to their work. In the subsequent months HSF used the video on various platforms, at road shows, open days etc to help spread their good work.

In this instance the video VCM produced really resonated with the target audience. A video along these lines might be perfect for your organization, or it might be that something completely different is needed for your objectives. In order to find out more so as to make an educated assessment of whether video is what you need please contact us. We will never take on a client just for the sake of it, as it is a waste of everyone’s time and money. We put so much time, effort and commitment into projects that we need the same back from clients and that is why it is important to meet to discuss your needs. If you feel you are still just at the research stage then feel free to browse around our previous corporate video production Toronto.