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vidCompanies in all industries are waking up to the research and size of digital video marketing and the importance of professional corporate video production. The reality is that every business needs Video content!  Forbes reports that digital video marketing is a $135 billion industry in the USA alone. Shooting a video yourself or hiring a freelance Toronto videographer may fill this demand in the short term but it is important to consider the potential of video as more than just social media and SEO support.  When planned and executed properly, a video or video series can provide long-term value as a sales tool, marketing asset, or branding baseline for your business for years to come. 

Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. (VCM) is a corporate video production company in Toronto with over 30-years of experience producing content for small to large scale business.  Many of our clients house our productions on their landing pages and product pages of their websites to spearhead the sales process and effectively inform and engage new potential customers.

Here are 3 things to ensure your video content makes them say “WOW!”

  1. Purpose – Have A Clear Message

At VCM we always ask first and foremost: What are your sales and marketing objectives?  What communication challenges are you facing?  What is your unique selling proposition?  It would be difficult to address all of these issues at once so an effective video project needs one singular goal.   That way we can focus the correct combination of audio and visual elements to communicate a clear message.  Like any good salesman, an effective video makes the viewer feel positive about your business, excited about the benefits, and saves their valuable time.

  1. Target. Target. Target

What is your target market?  Who are your key decision makers? What are their concerns and priorities?  Often times there are multiple targets.  A key benefit to digital video is the versatility of it.  Many times, for clients, VCM produces multiple videos with similar visuals and different messaging to effectively communicate the relevant information to each market segment individually.  This can be especially effective when targeting international markets with different language requirements or different industries that have different priorities and uses for your product or service.

  1. Quality – Success is in the Details

The purpose and target of a video project will dictate where the attention needs to be to detail.  If the purpose of the video is to explain an intricate chemical process to (the target) a chemical engineer then the details would focus on specific technology and science.  3D Animation or motion graphics may be required to simplify a complicated procedure and have it explained clearly.   Alternatively if the purpose of the video is to portray the core values of a company to a potential client or partner then the details may be focused on aesthetics.  The tone of music and speech, the specific verbiage and intonation in the script, the lighting, the correct visual story board to evoke the right emotions, pacing etc. are all critical details to take into account.  At VCM we take all of this into consideration so the quality is where it needs to be to maximize your engagement with the right audience.

Why you need “WOW” and not just “ok”.

Everyone is a researcher now and your digital video content is at the forefront of what people will find out about your business online.  Youtube is now the 2nd most used search engine. According to a Sept 2017 article from Forbes, 59% of executives prefer video over reading text if both are available and 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process.

We are constantly consuming information through text and visuals so a potential customer will very quickly consider the overall quality of your video, clarity of your message, and ultimately conclude what value your business offers or represents to them.  Simply put, building buyers confidence takes time and diligence, losing that confidence takes the same amount of time as saying: “That video was ok.”   Video, after all, is like a digital spokesperson for your business, so you want it to be quality.

As an experienced corporate video production company in Toronto, VCM takes an Integrative approach.  We want to learn about your marketing goals and sales targets first hand so we can see how video can benefit your company.  We collaborate with you on communication challenges to plan and create long-lasting solutions in the form of digital videos.  Our goal is to provide roundhouse support to your online presence and key visual tools for your business to use from online platforms to tradeshows.  We want to accelerate your sales and marketing efforts and have your key clients and industry partners saying, “WOW”.  Contact us to find out more about our professional corporate video production services and our strategic approach to video content creation.