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Producing corporate video production in Toronto can be a learning curve for a lot of businesses, as video becomes the go to medium to advertise online. Creating videos is a strategic, creative and technical process, so you probably want to think twice before picking up a video camera and shooting content yourself. At the end of the day, it’s all about time so you want to make the best use of it along with your marketing dollars. As you weigh your options it’s best to consider a professional corporate video production company that can effectively and efficiently produce a unique video for your business with a clear message, creative flare and quality. A good corporate video production company in Toronto will also show you the way to get your video viewed online, which also takes a strategy to get it in front of your target audience. A creative brief and a thorough discover meeting with a production company is a great start.

FUN IN THE SUN with Video Production in Toronto

A perfect example of a company weighing their options as they rethought their marketing initiatives was Bluffer’s Park Marina, located in the Scarborough Bluffs on Lake Ontario in Toronto. To keep up with rapidly changing times, Bluffer’s Park Marina decided to invest in video to help drive traffic to their newly designed website. The Marketing Director of the marina understood that video was the way to go because it would be a versatile asset that could be used on the website to give people an overview of what the Marina has to offer as well as could be effectively used for different digital marketing strategies such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media and even broadcast. With older partners to convince, Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. (VCM) stepped up to the challenge and proposed a solution that peaked their interest and won them over. After all, what better way then video to showcase the scenic beauty of the marina and the excellent services they offer.

VCM sat down and met with the Partner, Marketing Director and Administration to understand their challenges, key selling aspects of the marina and budget expectations. VCM then developed a creative storyline that hit upon all the points that needed to be communicated along with a strong branding package that included unique motion titles, logo animation etc. Upon sign off by the client, VCM went to work and developed a strategy to shoot content for the videos within 2-days, since it had to fit within available budget. As usual VCM brought added value to the project by going over and above to bring a cinematic touch to the videos. A drone was used to Corporate Video Productioncapture aerial footage of the marina and surrounding area. The 2-day shoot was blessed with great weather since we were at the mercy of Mother Nature. The staff at the marina were a lot of help and enjoyed the process of the production just as much as the film crew did. We even got to take a boat ride to capture some exciting water sports. It was a team effort and that’s how VCM likes to create corporate video.

As a result of good planning in the pre-production everything came together very well in the edit suite. A lot of time and money can be wasted in the edit because a clear direction hasn’t been developed beforehand and the right footage hasn’t been captured to tell the story effectively. This is so crucial for a project budget to stay on target with video production. The client was sent previews during the editing process so they could provide feedback. Again it was a team effort, which makes any project that much stronger. The two partners, staff and anyone they showed the video to received it very well. One overall video was created about the marina and a second video focused on the services they provide. With a digital marketing strategy already in place the videos got attention and drove more traffic back to the website and marina, which was the goal of the project.

Video may not be right for anyone, but in this case Bluffer’s Park Marina knew that they needed video to provide strong and powerful content for their digital marketing initiatives as well as the target audiences that they wanted to attract to the marina. Find out if video is right for you by contacting us today.