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Corporate video production involves making audio visual communication material such as DVDs, high definition videos and streaming videos. A company or organization commissions a video production company to make materials that will communicate an idea or information to clients, customers, staff or other stakeholders.
A production company makes various types of these media. These include:

1. Recruiting and company culture
This material gives new employees or would-be employees a behind the scenes look of the organization’s culture. This type of material usually includes candid conversations with staff of the company on working for the organization.

2. Seminar and conference material
A video production company may get a commission to make material on a particular topic that will be the focus of a seminar or conference. This may include a demonstration showing how a new product works or an informational video touching on an organization’s area of expertise.

3. Marketing material
These include promotional material designed to showcase what the organization has to offer. This material is a vital part of the marketing strategy of the company. It shows how the products and services of the organization can benefit the consumer.

4. Company profile
This material is useful in communicating specific information about the organization to a target audience. This material informs the target audience more on the company, its history as well as what it does. The media provides consumers with background information on the company.

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