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The need to make your brand stand out from the crowd is a common problem among business owners and one that VCM has struggled with over the years. Having managed to become a more prominent player as the years have progressed many companies come to us for advice. The best advice we can offer to people is to create good video content and then successfully utilise it.

Commercial video in Mississauga is becoming more popular in this saturated media world where content is KING. The main reason why videos are becoming the most popular and effective form of content is because Millennials love to consume video content on the Internet. In fact, 70% of Millennials are likely to watch a company video when shopping online. Thus, more businesses are seriously looking at producing commercial video in order to stay relevant and to get in front of their target audience. Video is a great way to create brand awareness and increase revenue. But video needs to be done properly with clear messaging and branding while taking the viewer on a journey that they will remember. Video will let them see how and why your product matters to them. Video perhaps the most powerful tool at your disposal. For that reason more businesses are asking the question “how much does it cost to produce commercial video and how can we make it work for our company?”

Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. (VCM) has a passionate, diverse and experienced team that creates all sorts of commercial video content in Mississauga, Toronto, Canada and nationwide. Combining creative flare with practicality, VCM’s strategic approach to video is like no other. When it comes to commercial video we understand that it can be a challenge to price such a marketing tool since there’s so many variables that can come into play. That’s why VCM will take the time to have a thorough discovery meeting to see how a commercial video can work for your company without breaking the bank. We want video to work for you and can leverage the video content on digital media platforms, so it is viewed by your target audience(s) resulting in return on investment. A good quality commercial video for online purposes can cost anywhere from $1500 to $25,000 plus depending on the script, scale and scope of the video project. Here’s what to start thinking about:

Creative Brief For Video Production 

A creative brief needs to be developed in order to outline the objectives, target audience and messaging of the video. This is a process in itself and will help communicate your video idea to a partnering video production company in Mississauga or surrounding area. Here are the main categories of a Creative brief:

  1. Overview (project info, goals, measurable objectives)
  1. Goal/Objective (goals, measurable objectives, outcome)
  1. Messages (Features, Benefits and Values – the single most important message you want the target market to take from the video – Unique Selling Point (USP)
  2. Target/Primary Audiences (target demographic/gender, stakeholders, INT or EXT use)
  1. Tone & Image (style – formal, informal, warm, hilarious, direct, conversational, functional etc.)
  1. Advertising & Branding guidelines (branding guidelines, colours for logo, placement of logos etc.commercial video Mississauga
  1. Budget & Schedule (budget parameters, expected timelines, milestone dates, hard deadlines)
  1. Deliverables Required (file format(s), video format(s) needed – resolution, codec, frame rate etc.)
  1. Competitors (competitor references, what is the competition doing?)
  1. Visual References


Commercial Video In Mississauga

Start thinking about these criteria if you are serious about creating a video for your company, products and/or services. To find out more about how commercial video in Mississauga can help your business and marketing initiatives please contact us. We are happy to set up a discovery meeting to see if a commercial video is right for you and your business marketing objectives.