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Do you want DVD replication or DVD duplication services? Understanding the difference between CD replication and CD duplication can help you determine which process would best suit your needs and requirements. The two processes are different and the end products are also very different. Both methods however provide processes for creating a copy of a CD. Knowing the difference when you approach video production services will ensure that you get the right product.

CD duplication & DVD duplication
The process is similar to that of burning information onto a disc. It involves extraction of data from a master disk and written onto a blank one. The difference is that CD duplication and DVD duplication allows you to burn hundreds of discs within a short time. The information on each copy disc undergoes verification against the master disc at the end of the process to ensure accuracy.

CD replication & DVD Replication
This This process involves creating large amount of copies during the manufacturing process. This means that the information does not exist on a disc before the process begins.A Master CD or DVD is required. The client must therefore go through the data to ensure that it is accurate before the replication process begins. The process starts with production of a glass master with the data, which the client receives. After verification of a flawless glass master, the process of CD replication and DVD replication can begin.

The production company uses the glass master for the development of a stamper. This stamper is loaded onto an injection-molding machine that replicates discs. The quality of the discs produced therefore hinges a great deal on the quality of the glass master. This is the go to process for mass replicating discs.

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