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CD duplication Toronto is still a valuable service because there’s still a huge demand across the world for tangible media that you can hold in your hands. If you are a business involved in the distribution of information, you don’t want to count out compact discs.

CD Duplication Toronto - compact discs

Here are six reasons why CD’s still matter.

  • They are cost effective
  • Recorded CD’s are durable and keep your information safe for over 50-years
  • People still value physical objects
  • They will turn a tidy profit
  • Discs are great for marketing
  • They are easily distributed

These days, releasing your own CD is fairly easy and relatively inexpensive. There are many companies that offer duplication services. As a general rule, CD Duplication Toronto is the best choice if you want a small run of discs with quick turnaround. Here are some tips on preparing for a Duplication project. We understand that the market is competitive so we offer the best price accompanied with excellent customer service in order to service our clients.

Top 5 things you must know for CD Duplication Toronto


  1. Need a master disc & creating the master disc for CD duplication Toronto You simply have to make sure that your master disc is exactly how you want it to be on the copies. The duplicator will duplicate exactly what’s on the master disc you provide the duplication company. The copies are a mirror image of your master disc so it needs to be precise. Check your master to be sure it’s a perfect recording with all data verified so that the end user will be pleased. Here’s more information about the CD mastering and the manufacturing process.
  2. Relevant artwork – An attractive artwork package is going to make a big difference in catching people’s attention. Make sure you understand how to design for offset printing and for silk-screening. Use the correct artwork templates and make sure you proofread everything. Always ask for a digital proof so you can double check everything before it goes for print.
  3. How many CD’s you need? – For small quantities in a short amount of time duplication is ideal because the process offers quick turnaround times. Discs can also be produced in much smaller quantities, generally speaking 500 and under. Duplication involves loading content onto a master CD-R. The CD-R master is then loaded into a duplication tower where a laser ‘burns’ the master discs directly onto blank discs. CD Replication is for more larger quantities with more flexible timelines. Find out more about the difference between duplication and replication.
  4. Packaging your CD – The packaging of a CD makes the first impression! It’s very important to have visually captivating packaging in order to catch the eye of people, so get it right with some great artwork. Ask for advice about the best way to package your CD’s. Allow enough time for the design and print process.
  5. Distribution – if your CD’s are going to retail make sure barcodes are on the packaging. Also make sure you are using packaging that will keep the disc safe for distribution whether its for handing out a trade show or mail-outs.

Do your research on the internet beforehand to find a reputable CD duplication Toronto provider. At VCM Interactive we have incorporated each step of the duplication process into one seamless service offering Mastering, Duplication, Printing and Packaging. We are not only a corporate video production company Toronto, but also a reputable duplication company with decades of experience. Contact us today for a Quote.